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  1. Found a third band 41 carrier near my home!
  2. Wanted to show some Carrier Aggregation goodness by the Ft Pitt Bridge!
  3. Stop passed Starbucks at the waterfront yesterday and was hit with some B41goodness!
  4. Sprint launched LTE in Pittsburgh finally!!!
  5. I put that into consideration too, but LTE has been launch for almost three months. Same site is also broadcasting LTE 800, but that is weak as well. My phone doesn't even see the signal from the tower at times and connects to towers that are miles away.
  6. Can anyone tell me why my LTE signal is weaker/nonexistent but my 3g signal is strong when my tower is directly up the street from my house and marked completed on the maps in the Pittsburgh Region?
  7. Happy Birthday Robert! Thanks for everything!
  8. Is anyone else having trouble with the upload on EHRPD? I get a download speed, but when it becomes to a upload, it will freeze.
  9. It is too hard to tell, as my phone will connect to EHRPD but will not have any data connection what so ever. Traveled to Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall. and has EHRPD, but still no connection.
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