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  1. Is field test still broken on the 7? Sent from my iPhone 6s plus
  2. It's hit or miss on the iPhone, and very glitchy, but in field test (dial *3001#12345#*), then click "serving cell info." This will show your PCC center frequency listed under E-ARFCN. Back up to the main screen and then click "connected mode intra-LTE measurement." If you see "E-ARFCN 1," this will indicate carrier aggregation, and your SCC will be listed under "subframe number." Sent from my iPhone 6s plus
  3. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete an iCloud account without logging out. This is an activation security lock feature. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  4. I'm just saying that with 24 indoor locations tested, the strip wasn't likely touched, save for a car ride down LVB. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  5. Damn, and without band 26. I haven't been there in a year, but when I was, my phone was a brick in most hotels on the strip. According to this report, they only tested in 24 indoor locations? Unless you live there, the only relevant part of town is the strip. I think rootmetrics should have a separate report for the strip. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  6. I constantly had this problem in the Chicago market. Drove me absolutely nuts. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  7. I love a good blizzard, and I'm jealous. It's 35 and sunny in Chicago. Warmer tomorrow. Bullsh*t. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  8. T-minus 9 months until the blizzard babies show up. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  9. Sorry for the delayed response, but to answer your question: no. I've moved my wife and I to the AT&T unlimited data plan. As a truck driver, I need reliable data at all times, and this intermittent data problem was screwing me with gps, and emails from my company, and enough was enough. I called sprint, and the best they could do was submit some kind of network trouble ticket that had a resolution time of 10-14 business days. That was unacceptable to me. I've been on AT&T for a week, haven't had a data drop yet, and haven't even seen "4G" displayed once--a truly rock solid network in terms of signal. It's both sad and disappointing to have waited out sprint for years, let them build this monster network here, and then break it again. The phone calls and texts from family about this problem were getting annoying, and being the family "iPhone/Sprint-know-it-all," naturally, they bitched at me instead of Sprint. Not having to worry about pocket 3G, and when my provider will drop a carrier bundle that will break phones is wonderful--something I haven't felt in years. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  10. I've been so happy with Sprint since I got the 6s in September. All my gripes were seemingly answered until a few weeks ago. My service has reverted to how Sprint was several years ago: intermittent data, calls not going through, and texts never showing up and failing to send (sms). My wife and a few family members have been asking me why it's so bad lately, so I know there's some kind of network problem that's not being fixed. I ran Cricket last year for a few months, and I was beyond impressed with signal strength. As a sprint user, I was expecting 3G every time my phone came out of my pocket, but that was simply never the case. Data was consistent, but bogged down in the city (I think it was St. Patrick's Day weekend, and the city was dying the river=tons of people). Cricket data is also ran through a proxy, so I never experienced the full speed of AT&T. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  11. I've been happy with Sprint for a long time, and a big supporter of what they're doing, but this offer is catching my eye. Between Sprint not fixing the data issues my family has been having, texts not sending/receiving, and calls not going through, I feel a switch is necessary. I have DirecTV, and would love to see if AT&T can bundle something up for me with tv and cell, and offer me uverse internet so I can ditch Comcast. I never though this would ever happen with the big 2. Competition is awesome. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  12. I finally got an old sim to authenticate on T-Mobile; the network is still 15x15 with the DL Freq at 2325. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  13. I would love to check, but I can't get this old T-Mobile sim to get a signal in my unlocked iPhone. It just says no service. I can't remember if this is normal, or if an old, deactivated sim would at least give you signal, but no service. I remember reading about people being able to run speed tests on old TMO sims. Sent from my iPhone 6s
  14. Is it carrier aggregation? Sent from my iPhone 6s
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