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  1. The final day and listing of 25 cent apps is now up on Play. The one particularly notable offering is the Prime verison of the 4.0+ Nova launcher. Smart Tools also looks like it might be interesting
  2. Just in case anyone wants/needs a Flash apk, you can find the archives for both 2.x and 4.0 at this link (scroll down past the initial listing of 'Flash player archives'): http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html#main_Archived_Flash_Player_versions_for_developers
  3. I was fortunate enough to get Swiftkey for free when Amazon had it as a Free App of the Day offer sometime roughly a year ago. Even on a qwerty phone, the word prediction and multiple source learning functionality that backs the former up makes things that much faster. Highly recommend it.
  4. I could say Cookeville, but its one of those supposedly 'little no-name podunk towns' that forumites elsewhere on places like Engadget like to gripe about being on the recent 100-list while far more major cities are notably absent thus far. Anyway, been a lurker for about 2+ months or so and finally decided to register as well as donate to the site. Just recently upgraded from the Epic 4G slider to the new Moto Photon Q and anxiously awaiting LTE's arrival here. Just noticed today I'm now showing eHRPD here on the phone...hadn't really looked much lately at my status screen, but I know when I first got the phone 2 weeks ago, I was working that weekend in Nashville (where I bought it) and was still getting EVDO there (northwest side near downtown). So looks like the prelude has started here at least. The ironic thing for me is that I switched to Sprint from AT&T because, at the time I switched, AT&T hadn't even put in 3G access here yet...and the I-40 corridor runs right through here, which continually baffled me. And now it looks like Sprint will beat AT&T here with LTE too (Verizon's already live in that regard). So I already have been happy with Sprint, and now look to be even moreso in a few months. One shout out for any Photon Q owners that perhaps weren't yet aware, but XDA has dedicated forums now for the phone, and thanks to shabbypenguin, the ability to root the phone followed 8 days after release.
  5. I bought that 'Rebuild' app yesterday and played a game of it today, its pretty fun/addicting, or at least was for me. Can't get it for a quarter anymore though since the new list of apps have gone in now for today.
  6. Just a thought after reading through this thread, but I know I've seen on other voluntary donation-run sites where there is a visible bar/meter which shows progress towards each monthly expense goal and shows filled when met. I think if you could somehow incorporate something along those lines such that it displays on top of every rendered page throughout the site for example, it would help serve as a reminder/encouragement for those of us who can to donate regularly to do so. Granted, I can only speak for myself, but at least for my own part anyway seeing such a bar 'incomplete' would definitely serve as a reminder and motivator as opposed to being left to remember/think about doing so on my own. Between getting older (and the inherent memory slips that are progressively becoming more prominent sadly) and the ability to be distracted in general, I wouldn't trust myself on a regular basis even if the underlying intent otherwise is there.
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