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  1. Ditto...on average I maybe hit about 700-800 megs a month currently at best. At home I'm almost always on Wi-fi, and at work I don't have a strong enough signal to do anything that would require a consistent data stream. Which completely sucks as I'm limited in what I can access through the network at work.
  2. Huh? Did the link not work? Or did you mean I didn't comment?
  3. I chose other because I don't have one set answer....not that I've done a ton of upgrading (see my post in the 'previous phones' thread compared to most haha), but I basically decide on the phone I want and then find (or wait a bit, as the case may be) for at least a price I'm willing to pay, or otherwise the cheapest place/method i can get it. For the Epic 4G, I waited until someone had it for ~$100 or less...Amazon Wireless was the first to drop to that price point and I jumped on it. With the Photon Q, early on it was discovered that at least at some Sams Clubs, you could obtain the phone for just under $75. The closest one to me that carried it (or Sprint phones in general) was in Nashville an hour away, so I didn't immediately jump on that even then, but coincidental circumstance brought me to Nashville to work over a weekend, and I took the opportunity to upgrade then finally. I guess the best overall answer would probably be to say 'not directly through Sprint' thus far, mainly because that has tended to be the most expensive route for the phone I desired. I pretty much approach this like everything else I buy: Once I make a decision on specifically/exactly what product I want quality wise, then I do as much research as possible to find the cheapest place I can get it (barring any obvious red flags review-wise on the company that sells it).
  4. http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/17/3519032/google-android-event-oct-29-announcement
  5. Anyone that lives either between Strasburg & Harrisonburg or otherwise near Harrisonburg, if you have some time and can afford the gas, try mapping between MM's 256 to roughly 263 on I-81 north of Harrisonburg. I was able to get LTE in this range coming back from PA Monday, but for whatever reason Sensorly apparently didn't pick that up from my phone it seems. There's still nothing showing up on the map 2 days later anyway.
  6. Softbank CEO Son heads to U.S. to charm Sprint investors: http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/report-softbank-ceo-son-heads-us-charm-sprint-investors/2012-10-17
  7. Blame the Apple guy! (Sorry Josh, couldn't resist )
  8. The other side to this debate that no one has yet verbalized outwardly is the consideration that at least perhaps with a small segment of people in more rural/backwoods areas, kissing one's sister might be more exciting than LTE even. Yeah, I went there. Unfortunately, I probably live a bit too close to some areas in the mountains east of me where such a scenario and worse actually is deemed more than plausible. *g*
  9. Makes sense, I couldn't get any LTE signal at all on the way up or back between I-81 MM 303 and 312 in VA.
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