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  1. Its called "signal" its an app you can get if your iPhone is Jailbroken, I found out that LTE was working because a customer brought in an S4 to sell to our store and it was displaying 4G, I immediately power-cycled my phone and boom there it was.
  2. This app "SIgnal" isn't very accurate on tower locations, but that is definitely my location
  3. Just happened 20 Mins ago and I still have it, pulling around 5-7 mbps on speedtest 225/Parker RD
  4. Sensorly shows "4g" coverage in castle rock... is this true not wimax but 4g which I assume is LTE
  5. So this is a picture I took of a new tower they built off Broadway and Belleview in Englewood CO this morning. I was across the street but was able to catch this. Has NV started on these towers or do I need pictures of the modules at the bottom as well. Thanks
  6. So sensorly shows LTE Coverage in a couple of places around Denver namely D.I.A, Centennial Airport, Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, and Buckley Airforce Base. Is this true? Is it weird that they are all airports? or is this certain... just wondering
  7. It seems like they are doing something, my 3g speeds have improved dramatically, I get 1.2-2.0 mbps consistent just outside of downtown denver at the Broadway Lightrail station, and far better speeds in littleton then I used to. Before I was averaging .1-.2 mbps.(on my 4s) Now its almost never less then .4Mbps. I wonder if it's the phone or first signs of NV in the area. I am happy that my iTunes match doesn't timeout every 20 seconds but streams as seemlessly as pandora with a 256/kbps bit rate I'll have to test this on my ladys 4s to see if it is isolated to the new phone or actual network improvements
  8. Hey I live in littleton and saw that there is a new tower being built like right next to my house http://i.imgur.com/9FtGl.png
  9. I'm deffinatley gonna go to this sprint call center to see if I can pick up LTE, I live in littleton so it isn't far. I just got my iPhone 5 and I am eagerly awaiting LTE lol
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