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  1. @OnCamAudiences Got my tickets for Miami! :-)

  2. I just pre-registered for #Vainglory5V5. Join me for a chance to play first and receive exclusive rewards! https://t.co/stYM0OVfOQ

  3. @LittleDebbie Leave the Honey Buns and Nutty Buddy snacks alone!

  4. @fishbone83 @sprint @sprintcare I’m enjoying it now that I have a temporary case and a screen protector

  5. @sprintcare I just sent a message

  6. @BostonLogan Currently siting across dro Gate C36, rats are running around the seats by this gate. Please call an exterminator!

  7. @MACPresents @junesdiary My girls!!!! @junesdiary They slayed Essencefest!

  8. I'd love to work for @Delta! (Crossing Fingers!!!)

  9. Beautiful Day Off at Home, I can't make it to the beach, so pool it is! http://t.co/NGTy0ZHLeE

  10. Birthday Dinner at Tokyo Sushi???????????????????????????????????? http://t.co/60LjChDVPA

  11. Break & Lunch will be awesome ???????????????????? http://t.co/9bS9DY42nN

  12. Vacation awaits, I can't wait to visit The Baths at Virgin Gorda and Antigua! http://t.co/i0yzeWZU

  13. Xlzlnevykxmmhmmmmy#m

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