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  1. @ComcastFL Do you have an update on service restoration ?

  2. @LaserShip @LaserShipAssist I had a package never delivered yesterday! Said you would call! Didn’t! And now your closed!!!!!!!! Worst

  3. Is their any updates In regards to launch of 800 lte in Miami dade county? As of January 21 2015 Miami dade should be finished, is that the case? Any updates would be great
  4. Got to love dade county, cant do anything on time.... I think at this point since it been 9 years and almost 10 when they "say" they will finish, that they should be paying sprint for the loss of customers and harm its done to their network and position business wise. Miami is an important market for sprint and isn't in need b26.
  5. I'm willing to stick it out! Sprint is in the best position for the future, and they have planned ahead. Yea sometime I want to throw my 5s out the windows, yes today when learning of spark deployment going live but not for my iphone or any other phone I wanted to throw it out the window, but I can honestly say everyday I see improvement I travel all over dade frequently and have notice more consistent 3G speed. And I wish we had 800 deployed! But everyone has there downsides! And I'm never going to tmobile ! Except for the free 200mb a month for my tablet!

    http://t.co/RJDrOnqtBO John Lennon would have been 82 years old today had he not perished on 9/11. #KONY2012


  7. Robert I donated but forgot to put my user name. Can't wait to upgraded to view the map!!!
  8. Trying this thing one more time....

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