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  1. Found band 41 on Palm Ave off the 805. The South Palm Ave closer to the Boarder.
  2. Caught band 41 I'm Chula Vista outside the Target on Broadway and Palomar.
  3. Found some B41 in Bonita on Bonita Rd and Otay Lakes RD.
  4. Caught B41 along Convoy in Kearney Mesa.
  5. Your PRL will not help you get better LTE reception. It effects voice and 3G service. Updating your Prl will reset your radio and may grab a better signal when it restarts. Digiblur has a informative article about it on the front page. As for trying to force LTE, you can set you preferred network to LTE. Dial *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer and click Phone Information. Scroll down to preferred network type and change it to LTE only. Just to let you know, this will not guarantee a LTE connection and may will drop to 1xRTT
  6. gojosergo

    LG Optimus G

    I picked up one last week off Swappa for $210 shipped. Such a huge upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus when it comes to signal and battery performance. I also received an email today from Amazon Wireless saying that the phone is now a penny for new plans and renewing contracts.
  7. I'm able to get LTE on almost all of Palm Ave. in the South Bay between Dennery Rd. & Silver Strand Blvd. Signal drops. To 3g at Picador for a block. 4g comes back when you pass Luckwaller Park (west bound) or Churrituck (East bound).
  8. I got a little LTE blip on Roosevelt Road in Liberty Station. I tried to map, but the signal keep dropping off. SignalCheck said the LTE signal was -85dBm. [ATTACH]3010[/ATTACH]
  9. Turned on mapping last night as I jumped on the trolley at Palm Ave. heading to the convention center to attend the Epic Beer Festival. Racked to 93 LTE points on Sensorly during the trip.
  10. The Galaxy Nexus is a LTE phone. Garytheo. Have you tried toggling the network mode to CDMA/Evdo then back to CDMA/LTE? Sometimes I need to do that on my GN to kick start my connection to LTE.
  11. Sent from my Nexus 7 The strongest point of LTE in IB is on Palm Ave between 16th Street (Rally's Burger) and 13th Street (Carls Jr).
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