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  1. Which part are u in? I mapped a bunch on Howland going into Deltona(new tower) I also mapped further into deland. While its not covered in 4G it is spreading quickly . Make sure you check out sensorly.com.
  2. I mapped a little on sensorly too, I was on 17-92 from Orange city heading into Deland. It normally cuts off before Orange camp, but I held it to 15 A then about a half mile down 15 A. It's definitely a new tower lighting up. You can tell there is work going on my service has been crazy the past week (voice mails, drop calls etc.) typically its decent here in Deland.
  3. I live close to 15 A and 17-92 in Deland and I picked up 4 G for about 60 seconds. I was playing with my kids outside and just happened to check the time and saw the 4G. If I wouldn't have taken a screenshot I would have thought my mind was playing tricks on me! ha I spent another hour trying to toggle it back........ but nothing. Its coming though. (sorry I don't know how to make the picture smaller..)
  4. Hey everyone, I don't have the best memory, but for the Daytona beach west volusia area did ALOT of the towers(those who are sponsors) turn to 3g only? I know for sure the one next to my house did. I had been checking for about a month for 4G everyday because it was in progress... ha oh well jokes on me for assuming. Just curious if anyone else notices this or am I blinded by the one next to me?
  5. Well its nice having someone else in the area mapping and searching for some LTE. Today I was able to Pick up LTE from about Orange camp road on 17-92 and the signal stayed as I headed towards Debary then I took a left onto Enterprise and got to about the bowling alley before it cut out. I'm very happy about the coverage from just the one tower as well as the speeds it is producing. I noticed you are not a sponsor so hope this is within the rules, but according to the maps the one on 472 has LTE installed its just not active yet( I however do not know what the hardware looks like to confirm t
  6. Wow, I think I actually mapped something. Not sure who lives in West Volusia(Deland,Orange city etc....) I mapped over by the Wal-mart - chick fila area. Looks like someone got over by 17-92 pretty good. Any one this site from the area do the mapping? Also I have read a lot about how because of better backhaul etc. They might change the down tilt to some towers to expand its range since it can handle more data,thus covering more dead spots. I'm guessing no one knows which ones are getting that, but just curious if my line of thinking is even correct.( Disclaimer I probably have no idea what I'
  7. I have a question on Sensorly how do you know if you actually "Mapped" anything? I did I-4 from like Maitland to the rest area heading East. I had it running, but I noticed some other people here said they mapped it as well. Good to see its spreading though ! (Also I do have an android so I know its possible to map)
  8. Okay jax..... Im goin need you guys to slow down! Orlando market should be first ha love that florida is lighting up week by week
  9. I see, you Tampa people are just using me in hopes that when we start you start soon after ha I'll be on the lookout though can't wait for it to start popping up around here.
  10. Hey guys, I'm an Orlando market guy... I just don't post much I just watch the experts on all things Sprint LTE. ha. I live in Deland which is about 45 minutes north of Orlando and 30 minutes west of Daytona. I don't get out to Orlando to often, but I'm in Daytona almost every day. I have been checking for eHRPD and have not found any yet. If I ever find anything I'll be sure to post about it here and of course run sensorly, but I KNOW people will beat me to it! ha.
  11. Wow, I was getting really excited! I live in Deland( probably only those from here have heard of it) However, I go to school out in Daytona. I have been holding off getting an S3 or evo LTE, but now maybe I need to start looking for a good deal. Thx to everyone for the updates.
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