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  1. I just checked the status of it and found out they left it at my garage 40 minutes ago. So much for them absolutely requiring a signature.
  2. Sadly, I had that exact kind of thing happen to me when I was teenager. One my parents' independent living clients signed for a hard drive (person didn't even know what it was) and took it to their room. The only way I found out was a care worker saw it and told. It seems like forcing someone someone to be there to sign is no real protection against theft.
  3. If we had won the war of 1812, Canada would be part of the USA and they'd have to align frequency use with us.
  4. I got a similar text last night (though from 9355) on my Galaxy Note 4 and I haven't done any kind of rooting or romming to it - probably simply happened because I'm using hangouts for my text message client.
  5. Your comment made it sound like the 805 not having a modem was a die size limitation. The Snapdragon 800 and 801 have integrated modems already. The 808 / 810 getting an integrated modem isn't purely about die shrink - the 805 didn't have one for a couple reasons. 1. It was originally developed towards targeting tablets with high performance needs. An integrated modem part is wasted on such products as most tablets are sold without a modem. 2. Rather than die size, the die shrink means the 808/810 are built on the same die process as the 9x35 - both are 20nm parts and thus can be done in one single monolithic SOC.
  6. I was just joking. If you can receive calls but can't dial out, perhaps you aren't including the area and country code in the number? In the past, when I was in some roaming areas, phone numbers that worked for me wouldn't dial out because I didn't explicitly have the 1-XXX (XXX being the area code I live in and was calling to), but they all worked fine when I was out of my area code but still on network. Since then, I've always included area code when I save a phone number in my phone book.
  7. Sprint had no native coverage in Sault Sainte Marie? Is it an affiliate because they show up as native coverage as far as my phone was concerned.
  8. N. Korea is on the no Wi-Fi calling list - maybe your GPS thinks it is in the DMZ?
  9. I'd bet part of the reason is the limited run of Note Edges that will be created. To do cat 6, the Note Edge uses mdm9635 which Qualcomm currently probably can't ship in large numbers. The 9635 is made using a 20nm silicon fabrication processes where as the 9625 in the regular note, and the iPhone 6 is built on the older, more stable, more productive 28nm node. Basically, that Apple couldn't get Qualcomm to pump out the 9635 for them over the 9625 tells you how supply constrained the part is.
  10. Samsung doesn't properly report the LTE band to the Android API so SignalCheck Pro can't tell when you have Band 41 LTE. One way to check is if the 3rd digit in the GCI is odd (since the digit is in Hex B - 11, D - 13, and F - 15 count as odd).
  11. I have a similar issue that happens around the same time frame. Restarting the phone will temporarily fix it. I looked it up, and it seems that Galaxy S5 has had a similar issue since a youtube update that happened in July/August. People have a support ticket in with Youtube.
  12. I got Band 41 off US-23 near Whitmore Lake: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/1013578626 I'm not sure which tower it came from, but the one I was at had two white service vans parked inside the tower's fence.
  13. I went to take a look at my local tower and notice they might need to update their signs
  14. I pulled the trigger and found the map pretty good. I figured the site clueing me in on the Galaxy Note 4 trade-in deal means I'm still ahead $150 even after paying for the map.
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