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  1. These are popping up all over the place in Louisville, Kentucky.
  2. Well that didn't take long! Sprint is officially the first carrier to break the 3 digit speed barrier in Louisville! These speeds were observed on the site near the corner of Dutchmann's Lane and Cannon's Lane. [emoji1] Obviously carrier aggregation is alive on this site! I will say though that their speeds here are hit or miss. For example they built a new tower last year and only equipped it with band 25/26. Why? And right now I'm sitting underneath a brand new site as well. Sprint equipment went up 3 weeks ago. This tower is replacing the older tower next to it so it can support T Mobile as well. But once again, Sprint only put up band 25/26. Meanwhile both Verizon and AT&T put up their second-layer capacity LTE networks. That boggles my mind. Why wouldn't Sprint at least hang the equipment while they're up on the tower? [emoji21] Anyway. If Sprint can truly bring Band 41 to all of their sites, they will be a real contender in this wireless network battle. I'm excited to hear Claure say band 41 is coming to almost every site, and if it can perform as well as the site off Dutchmann's Lane, they will be golden. I will continue to post updates as I scout the area! Hope everybody is having a great Friday! Sent from my SM-N915P using Tapatalk
  3. Also live on the site in Northeast Louisville at I 265 and I 71. Better speeds too. I would love to break the 100 megabits per second barrier. Sprint would be the first carrier in Louisville to do so. Verizon has twin 10x10s on AWS here and I know they are also firing up carrier aggregation but I haven't seen it from them here yet. I will say though that my Verizon line typically pegs at the max speed the spectrum will allow so they dont seem to have the back haul issues Sprint does around here. I'm rooting for Sprint to hit that triple digit Speed first!!! Sent from my SM-N915P using Tapatalk
  4. I can confirm CA is live in Louisville, at least on site LV03XC085 (by the airport next to the Executive Inn): Speeds aren't ALL that great yet, but I suppose they will only go up!
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