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  1. It's probably a few pages back, but that site's data connection was disrupted during one of the storms a ways back. I think that's probably the only reason it's still offline.
  2. Ok so back now and still connected at home. Driving back from the west side of the city I'm not so sure there are any active towers over there. With -102dB here, I bet it would reach over to Washtenaw if you didn't have trees in the way looking towards Main. I hope they can get a tower on South U. completed soon, that would be a pretty big and contiguous coverage area.
  3. It was on continuously from when I first noticed it until I left Ann Arbor at 15:00, I'll find out when I get back later?
  4. It was on continuously from when I first noticed it until I left Ann Arbor at 15:00, I'll find out when I get back later?
  5. LTE literally just went live in downtown Ann Arbor! I've had my iPhone plugged in with Signal open 24x7 lol. Hill and State, I'm connected to physical cell ID '75', which I've never seen before. -102dB from inside my apartment. 15.57 Mbps down, 4.2 Mbps up, 67ms ping. Awesome.
  6. I think that dot on South U. has been there for a while. If you go on any building downtown to at least the third floor and face south you can pickup one of the existing towers.
  7. Can you get the signal strength in dB, it might give us a little better clue which tower it's coming from.. 1) From the Phone app, dial *3001#12345#* and hit Talk 2) Once field test opens up, it'll show you the numeric signal strength instead of the bars Then, if you want to keep it showing signal strength (until the next reboot) 3) Hold down the power button until it gives you the slide to power off screen 4) Instead of sliding to power off, just hold down the Home button until it takes you back to your home screen, then it'll keep the numeric signal strength up until next reboot From the top of the parking garage on Thompson I was pulling 5.25Mbps down and 1.8Mbps up with a signal strength of -114dB (and that was connecting to either the tower across 94 from Briarwood or the one south of 94 on Platt).
  8. A couple observations from Ann Arbor today that may or may not mean a thing. - My iPhone's signal indicator keeps showing 0 bars ( -106 dB) and switching between 1x ( o ) and 3G on an off again throughout the city - Several times I've received a message about failing to connect to the data network - Just last night I noticed on Sensorly's maps a new patch of LTE was picked up at 23 and M14 (the northeast corner) Keeping my fingers crossed
  9. In terms of signal strength during the day versus at night, solar radiation has a detrimental effect on other kinds of electromagnetic radiation. My understanding is that while the signal degradation is much more pronounced in different frequency bands (like how AM radio stations actually have to turn down their power output at night to stay within regulatory boundaries), the lack of solar radiation at night would allow a 1.9GHz signal to propagate an extra mile or two.
  10. Ok so I did some investigative work. The LTE that I'm receiving downtown Ann Arbor from mysterious cell ID 302 is tower DE03XXXX the one just south (and across 94) of Briarwood mall. This speed test was from Briarwood but I still get about 2Mbps down at my house (State and Packard). I had better signal though when I went to the parking garage at Thompson and Jefferson. That's a good 2.75 miles north.
  11. Even though there are a couple of towers that are closer, all three Sprint phones in my house normally do connect to the one at Pioneer. Although, to get that LTE connection, I had to stand on the north side of my house and hold my iPhone as high in the air as I could... I couldn't connect to any LTE facing any other direction so that leads me to believe it was something north of me.. Field Test said I was connected to: Serving Physical Cell ID 302 but, I have no idea which tower that actually is....
  12. Kept cycling airplane mode at home and just got LTE for a minute before it dropped back out. So at least some signal for downtown Ann Arbor?
  13. I don't know if you all can view GIFs through Tapatalk but if so... (I'm a huge nerd )
  14. Well I first connected as I was getting onto 23 north from Geddes and held onto it until just before Plymouth
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