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  1. Data--the fact that you have LTE connectivity at all, no matter speed, strength, etc. I believe.
  2. The 1% is in reference to reliability. Your service works. Enjoy the service...real world usage is probably fine, which is why you stick around because you pay so little ?
  3. ONLY because I could continue paying $80 for my unlimited plan with them, or take advantage of an opportunity to have a Sprint line for completely free. So, I chose that. Its funny to me though when people on this forum talk about other carriers, in particular T-Mobile. In LA, seeing 30-40mbps was norm, I was more surprised seeing 70+ speeds, which I saw often too. As far up as Santa Clarita, and as far down as Garden Grove, T-mo's coverage is AMAZING. Never even dropped down from LTE in the 2+ months I used it. Itll be nice once Sprint gets their backhaul updated and b26 rolling. The waiting continues Lol...
  4. I'm a Sprint customer again as of the last two weeks, after switching to T-Mobile the 2nd week of October last year. Currently using a 6 Plus. Purchased an S5 around May of last year, and returned it for a Note 3 (Preferred the device, and I picked up no B41 across LA, at all.) Needless to say, B25 leaves alot to be desired Haha. Fast forward 2 1/2 months, and Sprint has vastly improved across Beverly Hills/Culver City/South LA/Inglewood/Torrance and more. Pick up TONS of B41 all over the place. Speeds arent too crazy, but not seeing my phone drop down to 3G and being able to stream/download as I would want to has left me impressed with Sprints progress so far, especially after waiting 2 years for Network Vision improvements. I cant wait to get that B26 love and penetration!
  5. I am, lol. Trying to get out of my contract now, I really dont wan't to wait until next April. I had hope for Sprint and was super optimistic. Though, we all have to admit that they're dropping the ball. I had no Wimax, and I have no LTE now. Honestly, id be ok with a decent 3G network, at least i'd be able to stream Spotify, which I cant do now! My iPhone 5 is literally useless unless I'm on wifi. They're building it out, I know. But LTE was projected to launch what, 6 months ago in LA? Its almost April with no launch window in sight. As a consumer, its annoying. I can hope and dream for LTE on 800mhz. Its an amazing thought. But lets get real, its not happening ANY time soon, regardless of what they say. The promise of 4G, etc. Nothing's getting better. At least for the majority of people. Of course, tons of people are super happy. But i'm sure we can all agree the general concensus is that more are unhappy.
  6. Why is everyone defending Sprint? They never deliver. Theres only always a "promise" that we will get something in the near furure. Sprint can't even get LTE right on 1900mhz. Still waiting for decent coverage here in LA. Let alone most of the country where it hasnt launched yet on 1900mhz, nor will any time soon. I honestly dont expect to see anything on the 800mhz ban till' 2016 or later.
  7. Thats what I was thinking. But that hasn't been the case in any other area ive been in. TIRED of waiting! Ahh!
  8. Any idea why I wouldnt get LTE now, in area's where ive previously got it? Why would they turn off LTE or decrease its coverage?
  9. Believe me I know. It just seems like whenever someone post some frustration on here, they're breaking the rules Lol I never have LTE when I absolutely NEED it, which sucks.
  10. Be careful not to say anything about or complain about the LTE rollout or the mods will say you're breaking the forum rules :0
  11. I was getting LTE all over LA this past week. Even got signal at my parents place in Inglewood, I was super Happy. Keep it up Sprint! Can't wait for it to launch!
  12. I was near UCLA last night. Near Diddy Reese (Not sure of the streets). Coverage is the best ive ever had on Sprint LTE, at that location. Super fast too!
  13. Latency for me was all over the place earlier. Im talking 200+ms and as high ass 600! LTE speeds are back to normal right now though! Getting less than 60ms ping and Download speeds of 25mbps
  14. Towers near me are back live again. Its nice seeing LTE on my iPhone. But the speeds are AWFUL! Like 1-2mbps with full bars. So they must be doing something with the backhaul. Can't wait for it to just go live already! Officially that is!
  15. Those of you with towers still live are lucky! They're still down in my area :/
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