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  1. Nice speed bro! Is that Sprint Spark speed? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info sir Nexgencpu! Good news for us
  3. Hello. Anyone here getting 4g LTE in Hackensack? Thanks
  4. Wow it's almost October and still no 4g LTE here in Hackensack. Been waiting almost 2 years now.
  5. 4g lte in Saddlebrook by Walmart...Nice speed!!!
  6. I picked up 4g lte when i was at the park in the New Overpeck Park in Teaneck about few minutes to Leonia. About 4-6 mbps dL
  7. I picked up 4g when i was at the new Overpeck Park in Teaneck 07666 close to Leonia, New Jersey. It's getting closer in Hackensack
  8. friggin awesome dave!!! i used to lived there
  9. Thanks for the info Julian! Please keep us up to date. Have a nice weekend New Jerseyeans!
  10. woohoo thanks a lot S4GRU for the good news!!!
  11. Yayyyy thank you for the info Omar mi amigo! Peace yo
  12. Hello. Any updates in Northern New Jersey? We are dying for 4g LTE in here. Please help us!
  13. Yeah and also when the deal with Softback is official they will have more money to spend. Big question is when do we get LTE!!!
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