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  1. They just turned on a 4g tower in Agoura off of Kanan. I had LTE for my lunch break at the Italia Deli. . Was getting around 10 mb down and 6 mb up when I used the speed test on sensory. Also mapped my signal on Sensorly on my drive back. .
  2. YEAH! I had 4g LTE in Agoura today. Hopefully the other towers in Calabasas and Agoura along the 101 are turned on soon. Edit: Tower is off of Kanan, north of 101. Mapped on Sensorly.
  3. I believe the sprint site closest to my work is being worked on. It is mounted on the side of the building located at 27001 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302. Attached is a picture of the site.
  4. Does any one have any new info on the North LA market? I am really hoping the Softbank cash infusion starts accelerating work in LA North. Still not much going on in the 101 corridor between Calabasas and Camarillo. I check often to see if any sites in progress are added on the NV Sites complete map, still nothing new. It is frustrating since I have had 4g phones with Sprint for well over 3 years and have yet to take advantage of 4G minus the few times I venture into LA.
  5. I am eagerly awaiting updates on work in the Calabasas, Agoura Hills, and Thousand Oaks area. There are a few towers that show 3g completed but not much movement for a while.
  6. Yeah, we have our own thread! I am eagerly awaiting updates in the Thousand Oaks, Agoura and Calabasas areas. Not much movement lately.
  7. I would say that network vision should help you there. You can find the cell towers on this map. https://network.sprint.com/search/los+angeles/
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