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  1. I noticed LTE in the River Terrace NE neighborhood for the first time. It stayed on Benning Rd heading west until 17th Street before switching back to 3G.
  2. I haven't had any trouble connecting with mine.
  3. Temple Hill/Marlow Heights: Mapped some points in a neighborhood off St Barnabas Rd, then St Barnabas to Branch Ave until it quit right before Southern Ave.
  4. Thanks! I can see it going around Columbus Circle and down Louisiana Ave
  5. On the east side. I think I would have gotten the one at 2nd and MD at street level if that were the case. I'm up high near 2nd and F NE so I wonder if I'm picking up WA54XC490 all the way up at 1st and P NE over the train tracks. There's another site on the unit block of I St NE but that one is not reported to be complete. Maybe it will be on next week's list.
  6. PIcked up an LTE signal near Union Station tonight around 7:30 p.m. Mapped it on Sensorly but couldn't pick it up as I headed east.
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