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  1. Yes me. Anything south, west, and north of Kearney, NE until you hit Denver. Phone locks onto AT&T roaming and speeds are horrid
  2. Did you actually try it? I've seen speeds upwards of 500/50+.
  3. Why won't T-Mobile's service work for you out of curiosity?
  4. How did you obtain the Tmobile femtocell? Are you on Sprint billing or T-Mobile billing?
  5. It's not just I80, it's the entire state from what I have noticed. And it seems to be capped at 256/256kb. VERY slow. Wish USCC was prioritized like it used to be!
  6. US Cellular is a roaming partner for T-Mobile like Sprint? how are the speeds on it when roaming? hard cap or are they good? I wonder if you can force roam like you mention on Pixel devices? This would be great for me. I am on a Sprint sim and lately instead of roaming on US Cellular (very adequate speeds) it's been roaming on AT&T (horrible speeds)!!!
  7. Boy do I miss US Cellular LTE roaming here in Nebraska. It's on AT&T 99% of the time now and speeds SUCK!
  8. Just ran a speedtest while connected to my Magic Box Gold. It was substantially higher than any previous time before. For the heck of it, I checked the software version and it's Just wanted to throw that out there.
  9. MLB game (video too?) or just audio? I wonder if roaming "speeds" vary market to market even though you are still on the same provider (AT&T)?
  10. This exactly. Same here in Nebraska. Sprint used to roam on USCC here and the speeds were very useable! Not like native Sprint but good enough. Now when roaming, it wants to latch on AT&T and speeds are horrendous. Like throttled to .05 up and .05 down. SUCKS!
  11. Ok I won't do anything with them if they are T-Mob sims! Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Well, the guy moved my (3) Pixel 4's over to TNA over the phone in a matter of a couple minutes. Those 3 have eSim. My other 3 devices are not eSim, (2) Pixel 2 XL and 1 S8. He said he is mailing 3 sims for those 3 devices???????
  13. I don't think anyone said that. My question was about devices that use physical sim cards and if I can get a TNA one mailed to me for each of those devices.
  14. You are saying I can keep the current Sim in my S8 and Pixel 2's and I can get moved to TNA OTA via Chat or a Sprint agent?
  15. I moved my 3 Pixel 4's to TNA via eSim. Was a piece of cake. Just figuring out the easiest way to get my 3 other devices that don't use sSim on to TNA. Don't want TNX in my market yet. Also, Pixel devices aren't compatible for TNX.
  16. Anyone know if Sprint will mail me TNA sim cards for my devices that don't use eSim?
  17. Since 3 of my devices use a physical sim (Pixel 2 XL's and S8), is it possible to get a Sim mailed to me? The closest Sprint store isn't very close or convenient to get to. My Pixel 4's use esim so those are a super easy easy switch over.
  18. Out of curiosity, why don't they just put everyone on TNA if it enhances the overall network experience?? T-Mobile network isn't quite ready for the influx?
  19. Does TNA allow you on all Sprint towers or only the 312-250 "keep" towers?
  20. TNA - Any drawbacks??? I noticed the last couple weeks that my Airave CDMA light was flashing Red. Tried power cycling a few times to no avail. I called the Airave team and they said that Sprint is phasing them out and there is no way to get it re-activated on my account. He wants to move me to TNA which he says allows me to bounce more freely onto T-Mobile towers and will give me better service compared to my regular Sprint plan I am on now. I currently have 6 devices on my account. My question is: is there any reason NOT to move all my devices to TNA? When I leave native Sprint service, will I roam the same (or better/worse) than I currently do onto other Roaming providers? My devices are (2) Pixel 4 XL (2) Pixel 2 XL (1) Pixel 4 (1) Samsung S8 I tried searching around this forum and others and couldn't really find a whole. TIA
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