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  1. Haha, what's the shudder for? They have really good coverage throughout Nebraska. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  2. Do you have a link to the thread? Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  3. I had SignalCheck Pro open just now and I just had it show me that I was connected to LTE but the Serving Cell was blank and I had a new line that said RFBand: [Restricted]. What does that mean?
  4. So if the first generation of Tri-Band LTE phones come out this fall, should the 2nd set be coming out in the May timeframe? My contract is up in May, so I might as well just wait until then to upgrade my phone.
  5. You sure you weren't connected to Wifi? Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  6. Can you reply in the sponsor Omaha thread about which tower this is? Thanks!
  7. I wonder if I could go to Sprint and try to trade my EVO out for a refurb S3. I was able to swap out my Touch Pro for a Touch Pro 2 back in the day for a similar reason...
  8. I wish I would have waited a month and bought a Galaxy SIII instead. I think unless HTC wows me with their next phone, I will getting a Samsung from here on out.
  9. I think the HTC EVO 4G LTE has a horrible 4G antenna. I was at lunch around 72nd and Dodge and my friend who has a GS3 was pulling down LTE no problem, while I wasn't even able to get a connection.
  10. Damn! I've never had anything over 9 in Omaha. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  11. I don't but my friends do. I got 4Mbps on Sprint and they got 20ish Mbps on Verizon. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  12. Compared to Verizon's 20-30Mbps, Sprint is pretty slow. I'm assuming they will bump up the speed in the future?
  13. Yeah the speed around there is horrible - just like Village Pointe.
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