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  1. Sensorly showing new LTE north of Edinboro along rt 99 corridor. Perhaps Erie isn't far behind.
  2. I finally got a response to my emails to Sensorly support. They asked for my anonymous identifier on my phone. The said it was an "nn-standard Sprint identifier" and they "added my identifier to the list". Not sure what it means, but hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Not only are the mapped areas showing up on the Sensorly server, neither are the speed tests. Both the trips mapped and the speed tests show in the history on the Sensorly app on the phone, but not on the server - makes no sense!
  4. I have mapped from South Hills Village to the South including most of Washington and Washington County. I have run several speed tests, the most recent on 10/10/14. I am not able to pinpoint if this last one showed up since it is in an area where other tests were run. I will try running a speed test again, but in a more isolated area. Thanks for the idea.
  5. For the past several weeks, my Spring LTE mapping hasn't appeared on the Sensorly maps. Even after they went through about 3-4 updates of their app, the maps weren't registering my points. Is anyone else having this issue? Sensory support is not replying to my emails.
  6. I have also noticed increased coverage in the South Hills along the Rt 19 corridor. Mapping as much as I can.
  7. You have my sympathies. Erie is PA's 4th largest city, yet it is a pocket of sub-par data speeds. An earlier post read that North and Central PA may be the last place in the US to get the 3G upgrade and 4G, even after Hawaii. You still deserve an estimated implementation time, provided that someone knows this.
  8. More LTE coverage just turned on in South Hills - North Strabane Twp and southern Peters Twp. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdsdsqbw372tq6d/screenshot_1390168758032.png 30.69 Mbps down 9.86 up about 3/4 mile from tower near Sheetz in North Strabane.
  9. I stand corrected - the LTE deployment running list was just updated. Thank you Robert!
  10. The LTE deployment running list is not being updated. Your guess is as good as mine.
  11. Thank you, guys for listening! I understand this is not a high priority. I and I'm sure most of the readers do appreciate it, as it is both interesting and useful to us. Thanks again! Jeff
  12. I am disappointed that the Network Vision/LTE Deployment Running List hasn't been undated since August 23rd. I know Robert is busy with his relocation, but can't someone cover for him? I think it is important this is updated so we know what to expect.
  13. It appears progress has slowed - not much new 4G on Sensorly. Very little progress in the South Hills. Perhaps a lot of "behind the scenes" work is being done?
  14. Is anyone else having trouble with Sensorly (PC version)? The zoom in and zoom out icons are not displaying on the screen.
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