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  1. Hey guys, Sad to say I moved on to ATT this past weekend to get the Galaxy Note 3. Had an opportunity to cut my bill down by joining the family and been drooling over the phone for a while now. Thanks for all the great info and I will be sure to check in to see how Orlando is developing. I may be back in two years Wishing you all a speedy LTE rollout!
  2. Thanks! Going to pick up a Victory for $50 off Craigslist. Seems like a solid deal based on your comments.
  3. This is a good comparison. To me, it looks like the GS4 wins when flash is needed. But the G2 blows the GS4 out of the water with granularity when there is no flash.
  4. A guy over at MacRumors shows this having some great battery life too! http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=17909318&postcount=82
  5. Thanks! Im also holding out for the Nexus 5 lol. If I decide to stick with Sprint, I would go for the G2 and keep an eye out for the Nexus 5. Wouldn't get the Note 3 since it plans to not be Tri Band.
  6. Herein lies the catch lol. I may be switching to AT&T to get the Note 3... Did some math and I will end up paying less by joining my families AT&T plan than staying solo on Sprint. Plus it would be 10GB of data shared by 3 people, one of which who uses less than 1GB per month. So although I follow this site religiously, it might make sense for me to move on to AT&T. But I may be back in two years when Sprint starts beating everyone in the LTE game lol. Between the phone offerings and deciding on a carrier, this has been the hardest phone upgrade decision i have ever had to make lol.
  7. Good to know, thanks. Im going to wait until the Note 3 is actually available in stores to play with before making a decision. The G2 just had quick animations and that IPS display looked really sharp. I doubt it would have the outdoor readability issues i heard the Note 2 had.
  8. No the Note 3 I am afraid of being too large lol. I could barely touch my middle finger to my thumb when wrapping my hands around the center of the G2. Dont think i stand a chance of doing that on the Nite 3 lol.
  9. Went to AT&T today to play with the G2. It is an awesome looking phone and super snappy, couldn't believe it. Was right next to the Note 2 and saw a huge contrast in screen brightness and clarity. I know the Note 3 will have an increased resolution, but this thing looked good. Im 50/50 now with this and the Note3 mainly because I am worried about the size being too large. Hard decisions means there are good choices out there!
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, the man has made a decision!
  11. I just don't get why Sprint has been so delayed on their phone releases? G2 & Note 3 have already been announced with release date for the other carriers. Is Sprint historically slow on releasing devices compared to the other US carriers?
  12. My main reason is that I watch a lot of phone reviews. I am interested in seeing parts of it but other parts I already know. So most of the time I just want to hear the viewers perspective. On 10-15 minute videos I would just like to be able to jump out of the video, continue to listen while I browse the web, then jump back in when I want to.
  13. Without me reading the 50 pages of this forum, how is LTE up in St. Augustine / JAX? I travel up there about once a month for work, but with out an LTE phone I haven't had a chance to test.
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