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  1. If Rev A:8 is eHRPD, should I be seeing a significant data speed increase? I changed my network type to CDMA instead of CDMA/LTE and i was still connected to Rev A:8. I very well may be wrong but doesn't that mean that it is not eHRPD?
  2. On sprints website there is information about tower upgrades like data speeds upgrades and data capacity upgrades. he tower in my area is going to have (or already has) a data speed upgrade and I would like to know what that is? I doubt it is 4g because I live in a rural area and from what I have read, sprint isn't going to upgrade to evdo rev b. Also, my phone is connected to evdo rev a:8 and my dads is rev a:6 and I would like to know what the difference is and what the numbers mean. I am curious because my data speeds have been horribly slow the last few days, as apposed to the good data speeds i can usually get, and i would like to know if the slow speeds could be because of the tower being upgraded. I am sorry for the long post but 3g is my only internet connection at my house and I would like to know what is going on. Thanks in advance!
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