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  1. Seems like a logical progression. In addition to email, Greenlight Hubs and, more recently, telephone, Uber has been providing Uber driver support at various Sprint stores ("Sprint Spot"). https://www.uber.com/drive/miami/contact/
  2. Hugo

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Got my Magic Box yesterday. On my last test I got a ping of 45 ms, download 12.77 Mbps, and upload 1.25 Mbps. No time to try other windows because I'm trying to get ready for Hurricane Irma.
  3. Hugo

    LG V20: LG's Next V10? (LG-LS997)

    Bought two from Sprint for my wife and me. Great deal, great phone.
  4. Hugo

    LG V30

    Sorry. Actually, yes, the V30 wasn't impressive enough -- for our purposes. Seems that we are very rough on phone batteries. My first and only phone with a non-removable battery -- the Motorola Photon Q -- eventually died because its battery swelled, tearing the phone apart. Eventually that also happened to my wife's Photon. So, the Photons were replaced with Samsung S5s. The S5s did worse than the Photons by giving us multiple swollen batteries. However, thanks to their user-replaceability, we handled that. In comparison, our LG G5s have been great. Replaced a couple of batteries but the swelling was barely noticeable; only very slight distortion on the glass gave us a clue that it was happening. We like the features on the LG V-series. Had the V30 surprised us with a removable battery, or even a non-removable newer-design solid state lithium battery, we would have chosen it over the V20.
  5. Hugo

    LG V30

    After watching LG's presentation of their new V30, my wife and I ordered a pair of V20s at $270 each from Sprint.
  6. Hugo

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    They said I would be getting one. They confirmed my shipping address and some other things about my account, and said I would receive an email when it ships.
  7. Hugo

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Signed up for the Magic Box on July 18th, and got the phone call this week.
  8. Hugo

    LG G5 User Thread (LG-LS992)

    One would think that the S5, being OLED, would be the one with burn-in issues.
  9. Hugo

    LG G5 User Thread (LG-LS992)

    A system update was pushed to my G5. "Installing system update..." Update done. Still Android 6.01 but saw this: Android Security patch level 2016-07-01
  10. Hugo

    LG G5 User Thread (LG-LS992)

    My wife and I bought our G5's in April and keep them in Speck cases. We have had no issues.
  11. Hugo

    LG G5 Rumor Thread (LG LS992)

    This morning, my speed test shows a better-than-average-for-my-area result: a ping of 38 ms, a download of 3.52 Mbps and an upload of 1.04 Mbps. Clearly, this is a bigger issue than CAx2 vs. CAx3. I'll trade CAx3 for a removeable battery.
  12. Hugo

    WiMax shutdown schedule. Starting Feb 2, 2016

    I had not either. As I am an infrequent visitor, I doubt that it would have helped me all that much. FWIW, I am thankful for this thread, as it enabled me to quickly find the schedule for Miami.
  13. I believe you. I just feel better taking my time and using a secure connection when submitting private info like my phone #.
  14. In case someone cares, I changed the http to https and the link still works and appears secure, but I haven't submitted anything yet.
  15. Hugo

    Network Vision/LTE - Miami/West Palm Market

    Good questions; I have no idea. Let's hope that someone in-the-know will explain for us mortals. Otherwise, we'll have to settle for contemplating this B26 from the 1940's: