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  1. Sorry, but that information is not here. Sprint puts cell sites where it makes money sense for them to be, in the populated areas. Population drop off is pretty severe north of Port Huron. I would recommend going to Sensorly and looking at a 3G map for other carriers to see if there is one that suits your needs better.
  2. I've got a bluetooth headset installed in my helmet. Phone stays in my pocket right now but since I've got a newer bike with Ram Ball mounts, I'm going to be mounting on the bike and would like to be able to glance at GPS. The bluetooth headset in my helmet currently is the Sena SMH10 but I'll be switching to the 20S as soon as it is available.
  3. Won't be picking one up at launch but probably later on. I can use a phone that is waterproof because of riding my motorcycle.
  4. Getting upset about something that is out of your control is a bad personality trait to have. Be patient and you will be rewarded. If you don't want to, then pay the bouncer at the door and leave for another carrier that doesn't have unlimited data. Either way, your choice.
  5. Ham here, I've been licensed for 21 years. Doesn't seem like it's been that long.
  6. They do the update in stages. If you haven't gotten it yet, don't worry, you will.
  7. Except it's not waterproof. It's water resistant.
  8. Best modem or SDR in the world is not going to work if it is getting interfered with by a powerful in band signal in the same handset.
  9. With all the 3G acceptances in the market, if there are any CSFB issues, they're likely very compartmentalized and very few.
  10. That depends on whether or not you can afford it. If Sprint isn't meeting your needs then you need to decide what you want to put up with. If the data service is more important to you, then you go with whatever meets your need. I'm not leaving because I have no expectations about using my phone as a high speed data computer. But if that's what you expect, then you should leave if you're not satisfied.
  11. I have LTE 95 percent of the time where I go now. Your statement of "I've never had any type of 4G and every competitor in this area does.", simply doesn't hold water any more. Have you looked at a sensorly map of the Sprint 4G coverage in the SE Michigan area lately? The purple is EVERYWHERE!! In the end, it's your decision. There is no way to accurately predict when the entire market will be online and upgraded aside from traveling back in time from the future.
  12. They have been concentrating on updating sites to 3G due to the Tri Band issue with CSFB. LTE is not the priority right now.
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean.. I'm in the same boat.. Have an S4 but I'll be waiting to see what happens with Samsung in 2014 before I decide again.
  14. Extra dough?!?!? Seriously?? The phone that costs 350 total with no contract?? Versus other phones that are well north of 600??The Switched circuit fallback issue is rapidly going away as more and more legacy sites are being switched to NV 3G.
  15. Not for right now until there is an agreement.. The frequency interferes with operations in Canada and Mexico. The IBEZ - International Boundary Exclusion Zone runs from the border with Canada and Mexico into the US to 100 kM away from it (62 Miles). Within it, Sprint is not allowed to use 800 Mhz Voice or Data.
  16. But that still uses data and Tablet data is limited to 5 GB period with charges over that.
  17. I don't have any problem with my calls completing. If you do, you should call customer service and let them know about the problem you're having. If you're not satisfied with their actions then why stay?
  18. You are being charged for what you receive.. If you don't think so, then you should switch. Why stay with a company that you're not satisfied with?
  19. Call Center Reps know nothing about what work is going on or the towers that are being worked on. They don't have access to the information. So don't count on them for information.. Instead, hit the donate link and donate to Robert and get access to the Sponser section.
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