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  1. @joshuatopolsky YES!!!!! please make these every week.

  2. @joshuatopolsky So, are you going to post a new episode of Tomorrow Podcast? Definately miss it.

  3. @FlyFrontier Start new service to @iFlyTallahassee

  4. @ComcastCares #mobile_Care

  5. @iFlyTallahassee Consider changing your name on twitter to "Tallahassee International Airport" and updating your de… https://t.co/G2Z4vEr0Aa

  6. @backlon Vergecast?

  7. @reckless Love circuitbreaker,

  8. @AppleSupport open a store in Tallahassee, Florida

  9. @reckless @backlon @verge Any way you guys can post the recorded live Vergecast today? #bias #LadiesLoveTheWiz #BohnZone

  10. @united When will you begin flights to @iFlyTallahassee from Chicago and Houston?

  11. Tornado Chasers by Reed Timmer — Kickstarter http://t.co/GsVsppSMl5 via @kickstarter

  12. I had Sprint 5 years ago, maybe 6 now and back then it was great. It quickly turned unusable shortly after that, and I switched to Verizon. My friends still have sprint and man is it bad in Tallahassee. Dropped calls, unusable data, just pathetic for the last 5 years straight. Its sad really that sprint does not maintain its network.... and they have been talking about network vision and wimax for years like they were going to be the savior, and we never even got wimax here. Just for my friends sake, I cant wait till the Network vision sites are deployed so that the 3G becomes usable again, they can talk around town, and the people with LTE phones can actually use them. Its been a long time coming, but I will not give sprint a dime until i have fully tested that network.
  13. Anyone have info on Tallahassee Market? I dont use sprint but for the last 5 years my friends have complained of terrible service calls/txt and .001 data speeds.
  14. AT&T is blocking FaceTime on the iPhone and killing #NetNeutrality. Take action to stop it: http://t.co/yAPww6QO via @freepress

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