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  1. RT @Russo_Brothers: #ThanosDemandsYourSilence https://t.co/dvyc26ju04

  2. @RobertDowneyJr in Good Night and Good Luck. https://t.co/XMWe95zd3P

  3. @RobertDowneyJr @MarvelStudios @ChrisEvans @chadwickboseman @DanaiGurira @MarkRuffalo @DonCheadle @AnthonyMackie Awesome

  4. RT @MarvelStudios: An entire universe. Once and for all. #InfinityWar https://t.co/QFjf3AGswn

  5. RT @THR: Stan Lee "doing well" after checking into hospital https://t.co/TaYQgZWgfw https://t.co/agDIyf6ItW

  6. @meganmedellin I can read red you from behind

  7. @VancityReynolds I don't know either

  8. @JessaHinton @ivannadrpic Show me and let judge... *evil grin*, lol

  9. @BenAffleck Awesome

  10. @amyschumer Peanuts please

  11. RT @Daredevil: Geez, Frank. @ThePunisher https://t.co/LCtoi495zQ

  12. @VancityReynolds Come join the party, Thanos you might know him.... Avenger 4

  13. Bryce Dallas Howard https://t.co/WNlnhIww8U

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