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  1. @breakfastclubam Beyoncé is a good performer but come on stop it MJ of course

  2. @Diddy Too cute ?

  3. What ever happened to @MsJoseline? Ever since @iamcardib came out. She’s been missing in action.

  4. @myfabolouslife So cute

  5. @TheYorkieTimes Cute ❤️

  6. @SXWIE Damn that’s crazy. Smh

  7. @Dene_Sr Awww he’s cute

  8. @foxybrown08 Exactly lol

  9. What’s crazy. I really don’t miss Carl #TheWalkingDead

  10. Who still up? I’m tired but I’m not tired if that makes any sense

  11. So sad ? https://t.co/lJRgOvk2k6

  12. @iDontLoveU__ Yep smh

  13. @MizzNailz That sounds good. I had fried shrimp ? ?

  14. @officialchilli Yea very good looking couple. @officialchilli what’s up?? Make it happen

  15. @PetSmart I would never bring my dog here for grooming. I advise anyone else not to

  16. I've got Kyrie and the Celtics, who's your pick? https://t.co/pHroxw2Ccd

  17. @BET Dopeness. Love ❤️ it

  18. @Cyn_Santana I’m happy ? made my co-worker mad ? ?

  19. Pampered Yorkie: https://t.co/JMwRDXAHBg via @YouTube

  20. @Laz252 @MayfairTVGuide Put the address in downloader

  21. @KeyshiaCole you killed this unbothered. I cannot stop playing it. On my way home it on repeat. I’m at home listeni… https://t.co/Ru1uqaAITO

  22. RT @sirDukeDevin: RT if you agree with @ananavarro: "We cannot normalize the fact that Donald Trump has turned the Oval Office into a #Sh…

  23. @Cyn_Santana He is beautiful ❤️

  24. @jerrellfreeney @IAMSAFAREE Word lol

  25. Calling all Yorkie owners come join my group #yorkies #Yorkiepup https://t.co/NXizrVNHCV

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