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  1. You are correct, i didn't realize they were the same frequency. But for some reason they are listed differently in SCP. The DL EARFCN is 2300 for the B4 and the DL for B66 is 66786 as shown in SCP. If i leave it on auto, It stays mostly on B12 with only B4 and B2 neighbors showing with horrible speeds. Maybe they are making changes to B66 and putting people on B12 as primary for now? But it was almost useless until i forced it back to B66. But i can force B71 and B66 and LTE B41 with better speeds(A week ago i couldn't force B41 and do anything).
  2. I think they are making changes out here in Leesburg. I have a S20+ and i have been on B66 mostly since the move. Last night i was stuck on B12 and B4 and speeds were horrible. I used Sprint Band Selector to force only B66, 71 and B41 and all 3 of them work with better speeds. So they are changing something. Btw under neighbor cells before i forced the other bands it only showed B12 and B4 when i knew i had plenty of B66 neighbors for the past several months.
  3. I live out in Leesburg, VA and I have a s20+. Since they switched me over to Tmobile, my overall experience is better. The top end speeds aren't as good, but i think we were overloaded out here on 800mhz, so with sprint it was often very slow. no Band 71 out here that i have noticed.
  4. Anyone having service issues today? 2 times now my S20+ has had no service out of nowhere at home and once while i was driving to the gas station(I was streaming music via bluetooth and just lost service). i had to reboot the phone to get service and i missed several calls. Never had this happen before.
  5. I got 980kbps/220kbps on "5g" this morning. I think they are still setting things up. I didn't see any "5g" until last night, but i was on tmobile 4g for a day before that. All of this is in my house.
  6. Mine switched around 6pm or so here in NOVA. I was on B2 LTE at first. Speeds are 2-4mbps DL much slower than B41 was before on Sprint. I have also seen B12 which had somewhat better speeds at 6mbps. The signal was not as good as Sprint was either. The coverage map on tmobile's website doesn't zoom in enough for me to see if i should be seeing 5g, but i am guessing i am just out of the 5g coverage. There are plenty of sites in my area that are, but not my house.
  7. Mine said they were shipped on Tuesday, but fedex says they will not be delivered until tomorrow.
  8. i turned off my wifi calling because i missed several calls that went straight to voicemail. I also got the message that said to turn on high accuracy which was already on. I figured i would wait for any issues to get worked out before i tried it again.
  9. How do you get the bands to turn off? i get to the menu and disable them, but they still show enabled. I tried airplane mode off/on, mobile data off/on. But they still show set to disabled, but are still enabled. It seems to stay on band 26 more than my previous phone, so i want to test the other bands. Also is anyone else having wifi issues (5ghz)? i see the update mentioned says wifi stability fixes. i hope that comes to sprint soon. My wifi disconnects very often, when all my other devices at home never disconnect. I have tried changing channels even though there aren'
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