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  1. It was just an early April Fool's joke. But this post isn't. And in short they still suck for me. And the other three prevail.
  2. How generous. What have they said? Like having 2x or was it 10x as many cell towers and density as everyone else? It must be celebration, because they now cover " " Verizon does... LOL!
  3. And as always, the bulk of their density is closest to and in the cities than other carriers, especially in some areas where they have the lowest density in suburbs and exurbs.
  4. T-Mobile, who the f*** are you anyways? And where is your coverage outside of my town center, mall, and nearest city? And no, 2G in between doesn't count in 2016. (rhetorical)
  5. Will we hear the classics buzz phrases of the month that he/she uses? And if he does lose it, will we hear them screaming at every opponent "Yeah, no. [sic] Troll along."? That would be hilarious.
  6. So THIS is where you can get some real free candy!
  7. 5000+ dances and counting. Quite the professional dodger, deflector and derailer. You have to admit, it takes skill to defend a company like that. Especially not being an employee!
  8. Blind fanboy base, like Apple. It seems like everyone needs something to defend nowadays, and T-Mobile is the religion du jour for some. Same with older VZW users: "My coverage, coverage, coverage, coverage, coverage". Reminds me of a decade to few years ago when Sprint trumped VZW in certain areas in the rural and suburban tri-state. "I have coverage here on Sprint and you don't " *silence* It'll be nice when this fad cult simmers down to a few cranky employees as well. And good luck to however they'll messily scatter their B12.
  9. You'll need some pink marker for that hat. Besides big brother, it seconds as a Big Two and Big Yellow Bus protector.
  10. Not the baddest. Did the big 3 triopolists pay you (and RootMetrics) to say that? The bestest.
  11. It goes to show you how miserable and nasty they all are. Any normal person would have thrown the basket and cards away and laughed it off eating free treats. Another shining example of what kind of people support T-Mobile.
  12. Which is unfair, meaning markets using the other phones could now have different results. Also any market they don't use the same phone for all carriers I'm not happy with. I wonder if RM will have the decency to retest those markets (wishful thinking), or are we going to have to wait for them to choose better phones from the start next semester. I'm really not happy with what's going on for the 2H results.
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