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  1. It looks like open signal says there's a tower at the exit of the 405 South on Inglewood, and that's where my signal is coming from. I remember there used to be a map here that would show all towers, but at the moment I don't remember what section it was in so I can't confirm.
  2. As of yesterday, I began receiving LTE in my house! I usually have wi-fi running but I don't turn it on until I need the phone so I thought it was odd when I saw the "4G" icon. The speeds aren't too crazy, 3542 kbps down 2642 kbps down, but leaps and bounds better than the +/- 300kbps I was used to getting, and best of all, consistent. I'm located in Lawndale, near Manhattan Beach Blvd, between Hawthorne and Inglewood. I checked out the completed sites map, but it looks like it hasn't been updated since March 6th. I'll run sensorly when I leave work today and hopefully have a better idea where the signal is coming from.
  3. My wife just sent me this from her cubicle in Torrance. She works near Prairie and Del Amo. By the Del Amo Bridge. Man am I jealous! I'm on the other side of Torrance, Near Alpine Village and I'm lucky to get 3G above 80kbps...
  4. 3-5 is more than I'd ever really need. The wait has been a little frustrating but I'm a patient guy. I think I'll wait and see how it goes when it's officially launched. The current testing signal for completed towers near me, there's 2, has been pretty weak. I'm hopeful though. I've never had any trouble with Sprint in the past and would prefer to stay.
  5. I may need to consider changing carriers then as my typical 3G signal here in the South Bay is around -87dBm to -96dBm in doors and in the surrounding areas I usually end up in. I'm not sure how well that will translate to LTE as far as speed is concerned but for their current 3G, it's basically unusable.
  6. Hey guys, I've been wondering. Are the Wimax towers apart from the 3G cell towers? The reason I ask is that at my work and home, my 3G has been horrible, but I was always able to get Wimax in building at both places. I can see where the 3G/LTE towers are placed, and they worked briefly but at a very limited range. Now the've been off and I haven't seen them back on in a few weeks. I wonder, will signal for LTE be similar in strength to WiMax in my area or were the WiMax transmitters placed in different locations.
  7. I'm curious to see the interactive maps. Living in the South Bay I've noticed 3G in areas where I once had descent speeds decline while areas where I had no signal suddenly have 1.5mbps. How do I become a sponser? Simply donate?
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