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  1. I have no LTE connection to report but I called sprint today for something else and asked the rep if he knew when LTE would be on in NYC. He actually called me back 10 minutes later and told me that there are towers onion my zip code and NYC should be fully complete within 6 months. I get nothing on my phone but 3G the LTE is on, hopefully soon.
  2. Hey has anyone received the jelly bean update on the Nexus? I wanna know what you think about it. My update should be just a couple weeks away
  3. Well you're smarter than I, I wouldn't have thought it all the way through
  4. throw it all up in dropbox and then move it back on to the new card....use that 50Gigs dropbox gave us for 2 years
  5. go for the Galaxy Note 10.1....so far I think its the best tablet for the android platform. @pyroscott, if you wanna shoot me your card number, I can run a charge
  6. I'm not your type....I'm not inflatable!!

  7. Do you have a security app on the phone like Lookout or McAfee? If so, thats your culprit. and if you feel you want something, go with Avast, as its the best for an sIII
  8. it has been confirmed Sprint is bringing in the Note II
  9. they're just not made to protect from everyday use....it would be good if you left the phone on the counter and never used it
  10. It works for me when I put it in my pocket
  11. apple is just a sore loser. i think braun should sue apple
  12. I love my Galaxy SIII....I cant wait until 4G LTE is active in my area so I can see what this thing can actually do
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