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  1. I need some help please...... I have a rooted and stock rom GS3. I seem unable to connect to LTE in the canton/fells point area. The map show coverage.....but I have been rooted since I bought the phone. I don't think I have the latest radios....???? I have been hitting "install later" for the past 2 weeks now on my phone, cause with root the update just fails. Do you guys think I should just unroot and install the updates....will these be my radios? What PRI/Profiles am I looking for...??? My PRI is 25006 I went into settings....network settings and swtiched CDMA to LTE/CDMA, and toggled in and out of airplane mode...phone reboot etc...nothing. Network still says EvDo-rev.A:8 Any links (XDA???) or direction on what to do would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys/gals so much -Jason
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