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  1. @Cloudflare Seems like your system to email auth keys and reset passwords are not working. Ive been waiting for a a… https://t.co/cEFAjNwkzG

  2. @ChipotleTweets hungry! Sister had the audacity to go to Chipotle without waking me up!

  3. The Magic Hat bottle cap never lies http://t.co/zQOm5Sy0gi @T_rex_and_me @Chainmaster @dfledderjohn @Angiee_Laa 

  4. just finished a Runtastic run of 1.82 mi in 20m 08s with #Runtastic PRO Android app: http://t.co/tLb05q2GDx

  5. Can you comment @DeathStarPR ? “@gruber I’ll bet Darth Vader’s farts are fucking rank.”

  6. Hillbilly fire with 2x4s and drinking beers. #life http://t.co/9amEYxlJW3

  7. Yea that's right. I just got gas for less than $3 a gallon! http://t.co/QJH6uP9JCd

  8. Great beer. Strong but good — Drinking a Fat Happy Monk by Rivertown Brewing Company — http://t.co/R6C1CFZi5q #photo

  9. Why do people think that because someone from another country does something bad, the entire country is against the US?

  10. Looks like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis finally made a video for this awesome song! http://t.co/ROx6zYWSXF

  11. Wooot!! Finally “@YardHouse Yard House @TheBanksCincy is NOW OPEN!”

  12. just finished a runtastic run of 2.96 mi in 33m 29s with Runtastic PRO Android App: http://t.co/IdaZ7JRz6Y

  13. Ah the Ides of March. RT @therealfitz: If your name is Caesar, you might want to call in sick today... Just sayin'...

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