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  1. I woke up this morning to the Phone saying it wanted to be updated! I let it do its thing now things appear a little different after after the upgrade. Seems all went like it should.
  2. Here is a screen shot when I was connected to LTE using sensorly.
  3. a few posts back: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/2224-sensorly-new-market-deployements/page__view__findpost__p__53529
  4. Thanks for the Correction. I was under the impression that Servicing Cell was some sort of Tower reference code. Thanks for the Link as well.
  5. There are a lot of towers in Austin that have already been upgraded but may not yet be turned on. As of a few days ago. I could only confirm 3 that were live. Only one of which is in South Austin. (On South Lamar. Supposedly the one right behind Matt's El Rancho.) The range that the signal can be detected can be over 5 miles from a single tower. When Posting sightings it would help if you could get a screen shoot or share the results of the LTE debug menu mentioned in another thread here: This gives not only the LTE signal strength but also the Tower ID. All the Signal hits I have in SouthWest Austin have all been from Tower ID = 399. This might help in determining if additional towers that have been turned on verses a current tower available in an un-mapped area. Just Looking Forward to more consistent filled in 4g in Austin and wanting to help track the progress.
  6. Ok Austin Folks, I just got a small but valuable nugget of information from the Sprint Store in South West Austin, Located at Mo-Pac and 290. The guy there told me there is only one tower in South Austin with LTE turned on at this point and its someplace on S. Lamar. So any signal hits in that area of town for a bout a 5 mile radius are the same tower source. (A Pretty Impressive Range!) EDIT: Looking at my other screen captures for the signal strength confirms the same tower. He also said there were 2 confirmed LTE towers on in the North Austin Round Rock area but did not know more precise locations. Once LTE goes officially live (no date given) There will be many more towers. That will have it and signal will not be an issue. While talking with the guy my phone would go in and out of 4g inside the store. I did get a screen shot while in the DEBUG menu to capture my signal strength. Which was WEAK.
  7. @ATX4G The Cell site across from Red's Porch is not new. Its been there a while its just now visible after they leveled the all the old development for the new construction along the street. I work in that exact area. It does not appear to be a sprint tower anyway. Those are typically a lot taller. I have not been able to determine the source of 4G Tower in that area. Some of my passes by Matts I have 4G and Others I do not. This morning I got a signal I could measure in front of the doors at the Sprint Store at Mo-Pac and 290 (Speed Test result was 9Mbps Down). I did not get the signal strength capture b/c I could not remember the debug code. I have it written down and repost with the numbers next time I go by there.
  8. More and more are popping up around Austin each day. I have not had any reliable signal in the mapped area of 290 and Mopac but am getting good signal on S. Lamar. Anytime I drive anywhere I run Sensorly App to find any new hits.
  9. I have had a consistent 4g signal all morning at 3500 S. Lamar. Mapped on Sensorly a bunch of hits from Oltorf to Ben White along S. Lamar. I think the tower is located right behind Matt's El Rancho.
  10. Was able to finally get signal long enough to get a speed test. Location: Chick-Fil-A Parking Lot at South East Corner of Mo-Pac and Hwy 290. It was weak but able to complete a speed test. Not great LTE speeds but better than 3g.
  11. I have been running sensorly app and picking up 4g hits in SouthWest Austin Mo-Pac and US HWY 290 area. Not been able to get it in a stationary area yet to do any speed tests. Also got some hits in the Round Rock area I-35 and EXIT 254 area.
  12. Drove up Loop 1 (Mo-Pac) in Austin from Hwy 71 to Hwy 183 and back with Sensorly running. It showed 40 something hits on 4g. Not sure where yet the 4g actually was. Still trying to learn the app. I think its uploading those results now. Hip hip Hooray 4g is here
  13. I show a tower on my NetMonitor App at aprox. James Casey St. and Ben White Tower ID = 95 01778 -------- I used the app around nooish today near the tower reported above at the ben white & Frontier Trail area and the mentioned tower did not show on my map. It could be turned off or something while its being worked on. There were no workers on site, but the gate was unlocked and ajar.
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