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  1. RT @fkajack: elio? i haven't heard that name in years... https://t.co/TRTF4LwMVh

  2. RT @spindlypete: THIS WEBSITE COSTS ZERO DOLLARS https://t.co/eN3fiIUiMv

  3. RT @kumailn: Oof. We are beyond parody. https://t.co/bENdmLCeam

  4. RT @AUTOAMERlCAN: You probably have to be related, too. https://t.co/HJO7EIK7xo

  5. RT @guybranum: Guys, @rilaws's essay on @Adaripp is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. PLEASE read it. https://t.co/ymhNhX6CxW

  6. RT @TOUCHonTV: Ayo good morning Logang wass poppin https://t.co/drUPYojp6K

  7. RT @SethAbramson: PLEASE RETWEET if you agree that, after releasing a deliberately misleading memo over the objections of the DOJ/FBI, Devi…

  8. A flight @ Beards Brewery https://t.co/5LZ1Ur6LGG https://t.co/fkwjXg6eyK

  9. RT @ananavarro: There is no logical reason on the merits, for McConnell to object to guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during sh…

  10. RT @ezraklein: I've never seen anything as cynical in politics as Republicans spending 4 months refusing to reauthorize the Children's Heal…

  11. RT @jonfavs: Yeah, that Michael Wolff book was totally off https://t.co/ZTe2tU6kO9

  12. RT @fransquishco: i would like to announce that i am also a very stable genius

  13. RT @bessbell: We're living in an incredible era where we might die in a nuclear inferno because a 70-year old basket case whose dad never l…

  14. RT @finah: bitch me too he ain’t special https://t.co/MbLXnODjEB