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  1. That exactly what they said....probably not until February or March....but she did say we might see LTE testing after about 90 days....can't wait to see what the speeds are like here....they probably will be good because we hardly have a lot of Sprint customers here....
  2. Ok, so I just did a factory data reset and noticed something when looking thru my phone....eHRPD:13....I am in Avon, NY....south of Rochester.....talked to Sprint and the towers here should have LTE within 90 days but doesn't know when it will be launched.....getting happy over here! Sent from my Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE using Tapatalk 2
  3. I have the 16006 prl and I get 3G roaming on Verizon here in Rochester .... just wanted to let everybody know ..... I use it a lot here when Sprint doesn't want to work
  4. Hopefully Rochester gets NV soon.....speeds keep changing here...but I can say last night when the internet went out Netflix streamed on my computer thru my WiFi tether...I don't even think it cut out once.... that's a first...does anybody know when / if Rochester or Buffalo is going to get NV
  5. See...just now at 7:18...half to dig up my Evo Shift and see if the speeds are good or bad.... Sent from my Sprint Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE
  6. So I just went up from my iPhone 4S and was getting .15-.2 down all the time..and.05 to .15 up....with this phone I have been seeing between .75-1.4 down...I was curious too...my phone says its connected to EvDo-rev.A:8.... I am wondering if this has anything to do with it....could anyone with a WiMax Motorola Photon chime in and say (if it does) what its connected to (A:6 or A:8)....my Evo Shift doesn't say (just EvDo rev A) and I'm wondering if its an LTE thing or a Motorola thing...and maybe someone with a GS3 or Evo LTE see what theirs say....its just weird that this phone does awesome on data and others connected to the same tower have horrible speeds...
  7. I've noticed that on my MoPhoQ 4G LTE....I'll half to look but my Evo Shift is connected to EvDo-revA:6 and my MoPhoQ LTE is EvDo revA:8....my MoPhoQ gets faster speeds than my Evo Shift....hmmmm...something might half to do with it being an LTE phone and PRL is 55006 vs 60690 on the Shift.....it makes me wonder
  8. And again...if these speeds keep up....I will be happy with Sprint once again....something I could never say after November of 2011....when my data speeds started to slow to nothing.... Sent from my Sprint Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE using Tapatalk 2
  9. Hello, I currently live in the Rochester area (Avon NY) and have had an iPhone up until yesterday and my 3G speeds on my iPhone were always .1-.25 down and .00-.15 up....but just as I got my Photon Q my speeds have been flying....I will post my highest speedtest but most are consistently .5-.7 down and .5 up....I think it is because of this phone....my iPhone was always slow from day 1.....I don't think we have had any network upgrades lately....has anyone else experienced this (either faster speeds coming from and iPhone to Android or just faster speeds in general) Thank You Sent from my Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE using Tapatalk 2
  10. That is the PRL that the iPhone uses from Sprint. I have not loaded it my self but got it from ##UPDATE# because the 31001 (I think) came with the iPhone and gave me problems. I have never seen a PRL starting with 51 on Sprint but thats what my iPhone uses.
  11. I would be perfectly happy with Sprint at 5mbps...who needs 40mbps on a cell phone, on a Laptop / Tablet its a different story...I'm happy when my iPhone reaches .75 mbps....3-5 on a bad day would make me a happy camper...10-15 on a good day is even better.....
  12. I have found that on my iPhone 4S, I have the 51087 PRL that allows Verizon 3G roaming (at least in my area, Avon, NY) because on my Evo Shift and Epic 4G I have never seen 3G roaming, but with my iPhone when it switches to Extended, the 3G speeds to from .6-.7 (Sprint) to 1.25 (VZW) and when I call *2 it gives me an VZW error message.....weird I'm not on the 60687 PRL...I have an Evo Shift activated and I can say that it always roams at 1x and my iPhone roams at 3G
  13. So its been a while since I have posted on here but I figure I would update on my speeds in my little rural town, Avon, NY. I had called and told them of speeds being between .0-.2 and calls not making through in late February and was resolved in early March...here is an update on how the bandaid fixes are working here Best spot of my house .95 - 1.25: My room (.5 - .75): Worst spot in house (.2 - .4): The general range of speeds here: I hope Sprint keeps this up...I like having the ability to watch YouTube videos on the go...my speeds here fell around November and went to nothing...but band aid fixes have helped...can't wait until LTE....hopefully its sometime next year...maybe....also Buffalo, NY....hopefully they are within the next year.... Sent from my awesome iPhone 4S using Forum Runner
  14. Small screen Sent from my awesome iPhone 4S using Forum Runner
  15. Big bitch (don't ask where that came from, my friend told me to write it) Sent from my awesome iPhone 4S using Forum Runner
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