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  1. I wonder if there is a list of sprint Phones that have WiFi calling already. I have found Samsung Mega and S4 mini. I am sure that WiFi calling lag stems from speed of the sever that processess the call and the phones speed to transmit and receive the data and processe it from and back into sound from a digital file.
  2. Greenvillsc, Here are a few places to check. Settings -> Dev Options -> Advanced Don't keep Activities unchecked Background Limit standard limit I think that your phone is killing off the phone app and when people call you it loads the app while the the phone rings.
  3. Well where we have gotten LTE connection. Honestly there does not seem to be a time stamp.
  4. This file helps when you connect to a cell tower. If you move to a tower that is in the record it will try to connect to LTE even if your scan interval is not up to scan for LTE. It also helps us fine out where we have been...
  5. I think Elizabeth City might be it's own build out. Odd that one popped up near the same time frame...
  6. I would agree with that 100%. From what I can see the plan is pretty straight forward. Now honestly speaking I did not follow anyone elses deployments but what I did hear back in the day and it could be wrong but the VZW LTE was just turned on in my area and some people with LTE phones on VZW run 3G becuase they said it was faster at work...
  7. Well to hear something is better than nothing... I am sure there was a reason you brought up this page other than clicking on the check for update. I like shareing info with others. If the update does not come out on Dec 2nd I'll keep it to myself but this date just seems right to me and maybe i am just hopeful.
  8. Here is what I took from the message... Pushed from Nov 15th - 27th Sense UI. Pushed Nov 27th - Dec 2nd higher customer base installed due to black friday...
  9. Flash is dieing pretty fast. HTML5 For The Win...
  10. The leak say it was due to higher than exspected sales at black friday that the update was pulled. Sever load for activation would have given new customers a bad tast in their mouth. So they pulled it till the 2nd of December.
  11. There is another leak that says people got Jelly been for EVO before they pulled it. The date they say will be December 2nd. Ugh another few days, but that seems kinda early to since the One S does not have it unless i missed something.
  12. Being a programer once apon a time I feel just about any hardware problem can have a software workaround. Why not program the phone that once it drops a LTE connection to scan for reconnect every 5 secounds until the LTE scan interval picks back up.
  13. Fradog, the EVO is not disconnecting due to signal loss but it chooses 3G over LTE when it should not. Even Den9696 stated once he switched to LTE only mode the signal was strong. I see very little signal differance between my phones. they all want to randomly be within 2 -bDm
  14. The package weighs in at 364.54MB, um that is pretty large. Seems like people might need to wipe some stuff off the phone to install...
  15. I honestly think it is a backhaul delay here. I get awsome speeds before 9am and after 6pm but between them times forget it. I sometimes think there no access and I can tell you there is work being done i will have a -80dBm and then be roaming on 123456 network for 2-3 mins and then back to sprint access. The tower has only 1 tree and 2 buildings between us.
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