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  1. I transferred my primary line from Boost Mobile to the 'Leonardo 5' plan; 1600 texts and minutes + 1500mb of data. Bought a brand new Moto E from Best Buy intended for Sprint Prepaid, paid $40 for it, activated really easily. Number port took about 15 minutes. I'm loving it; same service as I had on Boost with just 500mb of data less and it's saving me $30 / month. I'm not sure how they can afford it but I have listened to at least a dozen ads so far while placing calls in the past 4 days. RingPlus is a pretty innovative company as far as their software is concerned. When I get a voicemail it's transcribed into text and sent to my email as audio. Their website is really useful for usage analysis too.
  2. I call on my phone daily. Maybe 20 somethings don't use calling, but I use at least 500+ minutes / month, mostly for work.
  3. Congestion? No, no, this is their new service: GreenOn - slower data saves energy. it'll play really well with millennials, like John.
  4. B26 crawls along at about 3mbps on average for me, while B41 is in the 20s. Interesting. No, wait, that other thing...tedious.
  5. Now watch Sprint rally 50 cents in a day for no apparent reason This happens every time
  6. rofl wtf is the point of this if it counts against your data?!
  7. Sprint rallies almost like clockwork in the days before their quarterly results, then plummets after. Sprint will post good news but it's never good enough to sustain their gains.
  8. Does Sprint get to count their 3g and more roaming as native coverage?
  9. AT&T fell to last place in Grand Rapids (where I'm from) in terms of media download speed. Which is amazing, considering just a couple years ago I couldn't even muster 1mbps downtown on Sprint. AT&T used to be the 2nd best carrier in MI because they had coverage everywhere. Now that even T-Mobile has coverage up north, they're dropping all over the place. I get faster speeds at my house with Sprint than with AT&T, which is also amazing, because I live on a hill, and barely get a signal from any carrier.
  10. It's funny, because Legere was making fun of Verizon of 'XLTE', then immediately came up with 'Extended Range LTE'. I just don't believe T-Mobile is getting away with what they are; their coverage map is a complete farce, their 'UnCarrier' stuff is totally 'carrier' stuff. It's...it's...preposterous!
  11. I just don't see a nationwide license; I see them buying 600 where they can't buy 700. It would be nice to have nationwide but if they're going into this bidding on reserve (the fact that they even NEED a reserve means something), I just don't see them sweeping the auction like people wish. I see nationwide 600 AND 700mhz no problem though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I agree wholeheartedly on the first paragraph. I think T-Mobile's investment in the 600mhz auction is going to be a lot LESS than their fans wish it will be because it would be extremely short sighted to blow their lead on something that wont even be usable for 4-5 years. They've already mentioned they only plan on buying 600mhz where they can't get 700mhz. 4-5 years is more than enough time for Sprint to catch up AND take the lead. If T-Mobile falls back to 4th place, how will they even build out their 600mhz spectrum? If Sprint actually needs the spectrum, they can just buy it from T-Mobile after they dig themselves into a hole. It's a surprisingly smart strategy.
  13. There aren't any 'greater tiers' though, that's the whole reason a lot of people are on unlimited, because it's unlimited, and we don't have to deal with tiers. If Sprint introduced another 'unlimited' tier that pushes deprioritization back to 40gb, then would you be saying the same thing? Because at that point it would be for monetizing more than decongestion. The 23gb is completely arbitrary. They should have done 24gb, or at least something to make their data cap more attractive than T-Mobile. In all honesty, the cap doesn't bother me as much as the idea that they're selling unlimited, with limits. Don't call it unlimited if it's not unlimited; this is not unlimited because 23gb is a limit. I'll end my hissyfit on that note. #moveforward
  14. That's based on Sprint's current network though. For a lot of people, that's all they can use. I would think people would use more if Sprint had a faster and denser network, which is what they're shooting for. It's like some customers drive muscle cars and some drive Pintos. The ones with Pintos aren't going to have the same experience the other people will have; they don't get to 'race around'. They might enjoy driving more with a faster car. If I owned a POS Pinto, I wouldn't drive around much, but it doesn't mean I don't want to. You're pointing at people with slow cars and saying "see? they don't like driving fast!".
  15. If they don't implement it like T-Mobile has, where you get slowed to .1mbps on every 'congested' tower, for an entire month, I would be ok with this. If I was slowed down to a still usable speed. Fine. I just don't see this playing out like that. This looks good, but again, it matters how MUCH they slow you down to. If other people on the tower are getting 100mbps, and I get .1mbps, it's absurd. That would destroy reliability. If I still get like 5mbps, I'm completely fine with this. I just have my doubts.
  16. That's everyone except BYOD, oh wait, those people will get it too! I use 20+gb a month through Netflix at my work. Easily. And the App Store. I don't abuse anything, they TOLD me I had no limits, I don't have wifi at work, so I casually watch movies and listen to music when I want, all through legal means, and it just happens to exceed the arbitrary 23gb cap. This doesn't bother you? That we're supposed to be looking forward to 5g, the 'Next Generation Network', higher definition video, VR gaming, etc. and the 2 unlimited carriers supposedly ushering in this revolution are shutting down people who choose them specifically for unlimited data? At a time when Sprint is begging for customers, they say 'everyone but you'. Beggars apparently can be choosers.
  17. Then why are they doing this now? And not when it's necessary? This is going to stifle growth; poor timing for this. Their slow speeds are due to density, not congestion. T-Mobile had a valid reason for deprioritization; their network is congested. Sprint is adding capacity left and right. This is a missed opportunity to capitalize on blowback from T-Mobile's cap. I can see that they want to stop potential abuse, but why the hell would they match T-Mobile instead of 1-uping them.
  18. The thing is, they're raising the price of their plan, and offering less data, as they claim their network is getting better. This is not good business. If your restaurant was seeing less patronage, would you raise prices to compensate for losses? Likewise, if your restaurant was seeing an uptick in patronage, would you raise prices and offer less food? No, you should be streamlining, cutting operating costs, and innovating. If I'm paying more for less, I'm more inclined to seek an alternative. Verizon and AT&T prices are coming down, while T-Mobile and Sprint prices are going up. Then they impose data caps. What exactly differentiates the carriers now?
  19. I'm blown away by how tame the reception of deprioritization is. Unlimited is the reason I've stayed with Sprint for as long as I have; that and they were the least expensive. Now that they've upped the price of unlimited and imposed the same data cap T-Mobile has, there's doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to stay with Sprint vs. T-Mobile now, or even AT&T and Verizon, as their caps approach Sprint and T-Mobile. Why the hell would I pay for unlimited if I don't get unlimited? If it's capped at 23gb, just SAY 23gb. And don't give me that B.S. about 'it's still unlimited', it's the exact same crap MetroPCS has been pulling for years; 'unlimited data' for $30 a month! This is outrageous. I thought the network was getting better? What about all that capacity? Why am I getting less water when the pipe is getting bigger?
  20. what's the deal with 2nd carriers? is it only possible where 10x10 is available? or is this just a 2nd radio, both using the same 5x5 spectrum? can / is this going to be done everywhere? particularly Grand Rapids?
  21. It's ALMOST like certain nameless interests are paying these 'news sources' and the 'analysts' they interview to shine a negative light on Sprint. ALMOST. But yea, I stopped reading 'Sprint news' awhile ago too and instead rely solely on S4GRU and /r/sprint. Even FierceWireless has turned negative on Sprint. I guess certain interests feel threatened? Keep your ear to the ground about updates in your area, and keep in touch / participate here. That's my plan. Oh and enjoy my unlimited service and awesome phone
  22. that dropped call rate, wow. how important is VoLTE? does Sprint really need it right away? or is it more of a 'we have the latest technology' bragging right?
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