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  1. I was there on Nov 14, 2015 this was done over on Dale mabry hwy and I275. I was on Dale mabry when I did the speed test. This is the fast one i have gotten in the Tampa area. later, John
  2. It was posted on the sprint community message board that I posted the link to in my other message. later, John
  3. I get that. I looks like one of the towers was upgraded to 2.5. Plus why would they install Ethernet for BackHaul? The closest tower (.2 miles away) is near West 13th Street. This tower shows the following: 4G 2500 MHz: Completed (11/13/2014) 4G 1900 MHz: Completed (7/22/2014) 4G 800 MHz: Completed (9/14/2014) 3G 1900 MHz: Completed (5/18/2012) Voice / 1xRTT 800 MHz: Completed (10/3/2013) Backhaul: Ethernet Please keep in mind when viewing the "completed" date, you will need to add an additional 30 days for the optimization period. There is another tower close by near East 21st Street that is .5 miles away. This tower shows the following: 4G 2500 MHz: TBD 4G 1900 MHz: Completed (8/9/2013) 4G 800 MHz: Not Scheduled 3G 1900 MHz: Completed (10/23/2012) Voice / 1xRTT 800 MHz: Completed (2/8/2014) Backhaul: Ethernet Thanks, John
  4. Seen this on Sprint's fourms. https://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/210207 Any in put? Thanks, John
  5. Can the S5 enable CA? I'm going to chicago this weekend and would like to do some testing for you all. Just havn't messed with S5 like I did the S3 i had. thanks, John
  6. I think sprint needs to invest in putting up more towers in every market. In my option towers are to far away from each other.
  7. I think AT&T just sold off all there towers to a third party. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-20/at-t-agrees-to-4-85-billion-tower-deal-with-crown-castle.html later, John
  8. I will help out. tell me how to get the serving cells and HEX id's? I have cdma field test, Signal siteMap, LTE Discovery, SignalCheck lite and Netmonitor installed on my S3. Later, John
  9. There has been a lot more mapping done on Sensorly for the Tower in QCA. Has a very good range for LTE. Later, John
  10. I done some mapping out by the airport today. I had to go to to thunder road hobby. here is a screen shot of some of the mapping I and someone else has done. later, JOhn
  11. Hi all, Here is a screen shot of my speed test I done. I was behind the airport by Indian bluff road. Later, John
  12. It will be come addicting now that my area has LTE. As towers comeing on I will be doing a lot of Sensorly. Later, John
  13. The tower in the quad city went live sometime yesterday. I did some mapping this morning on Sensorly. Just waiting for sensorly to update the map. Done some speed test. Just have to figure out how to post pics here. Later, John
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