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  1. Absolutely no band 41 in Chicago since updating. The whole reason I upgraded was to get access to all three bands, and they've killed it. Do they even field test this stuff?
  2. Band 26 at Sheridan and Hollywood. Hoping this indicates a wider North side rollout!
  3. So the upshot of all this is that I was connected to band 26, giving me Lte even tho I was in the basement of the Chicago Theater? That's still pretty cool!
  4. Its also weird because generally when I'm on the 2nd PCS carrier, SignalCheck doesn't report the up and down freqs and I have to go to LTE engineering. As an aside, I did a speedtest near Home Depot on Oakton in Evanston and got 76 megs down on band 41.
  5. I'm actually not sure what a GCI is...how does it indicate band 26?
  6. Spotted a 2nd PCS carrier while in the basement of the Chicago Theater this afternoon.
  7. In moving around the city, sometimes Signalcheck shows a "PCI" number beneath the uplink freq, and sometimes it says nothing at all. Any idea what that number is?
  8. I was on USCC spectrum at clark and diversey yesterday according to LTE engineering, but for some reason Signalcheck does not display up and downlink freqs for the new spectrum, only for the old. Those numbers disappear whenever I am connected to USCC spectrum and reappear when I'm back on the old carrier. Outside Wrigley the new carrier appeared unavailable, as speeds were very low on the old carrier with the cubs game going on. I should think that we'll see a lot more of this new carrier when the workweek begins for the network engineers. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of Sprint LTE devices are PCS only, so this new carrier will make a huge difference for most users. As an aside, does anybody have any info on the remaining 7% of towers without LTE? Are these likely to have very complicated problems at the site?
  9. I've been dropping a ton of calls in Wrigley. Just got the Evo LTE upgrade to 4.3 so I'll see if it continues.
  10. drock2750


    Wow the install utility and drivers do not work properly with Windows 8.1. I used my old windows 7 laptop and it worked great.
  11. That was similar to the criticism I read on Fierce Wireless. Sprint is building the Winchester Mystery Mansion of cellular networks.
  12. I've been wandering today and have been on the old carrier all day. If I don't see it I'm going to go back to the spot I was in last night to get a screenshot of LTE engineering. Does anybody know why Signal Check on the Evo LTE would display frequencies for one carrier but not for another?
  13. The second pcs lte carrier is live in Lakeview. My signal check no longer displays up and downlink frequencies and speeds are awesome
  14. Even if GS3 shows LTE bars, its still connected to 1x at the same time. Nexus 5 supports circuit switched fallback. If GS3 couldn't operate LTE and 1x at the same time, you wouldn't receive any phone calls. If I am mistaken about the GS3, feel free to correct me, but I'm pretty sure.
  15. A software update to enable sprint spark was announced yesterday apparently... http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/01/27/sprint-announces-lg-g2-ota-update-enabling-sprint-spark-bands-and-the-accompanying-spinning-status-bar-icon/ Just days in advance of the US Cellular shutdown in Chicago hmmm interesting...
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