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  1. Question, I have a m9 in San Bernardino and want to test this.what settings do I need to edit in data screen? Or do u have ant anything I can read on setting it up on the m9?
  2. Woke up in aliso viejo @ the top of hill next to the ups building with 4g, ran a speed test and Numbers where good but is was slow in reaction unlike WiFi.did a location test and was coming from ladera ranch. That's across the valley from me.looks like I got line of site with my one bar LTE.mapped it on sensory. Its over 6 miles
  3. I have the same one and have no problems with it.also I merged my sprint account with Google Voice and make wifi calls with grove ip. Also when I am hacking my evo LTE I use my old evo for calls. Sound quality is not as good but good enough.
  4. Over the weekend they turned on ehrpd in orange county, is this the first step?
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