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  1. I was at the Citrus bowl tonight, for the Orlando City game. The stadium was full of about 35000 fans. When I was there last, back in June, I had a lot of struggles with signal strength and connection speed. Tonight, I had a strong Band 41 signal (-90 or so), with about 20/5 speeds in the stadium. I was with some friends, who have AT&T phones. While I could use my phone effortlessly, they had virtually no speed. It felt good to have the upper hand on AT&T for a change. I tested web browsing, picture uploading (no selfies, I promise!), and even a couple of speed tests. All performed flawlessly, throughout the game. Clearly, the upgrades are making a difference. Oh, and we won, too. All in all, a good night.
  2. While on the subject of Open World, does anyone know if there is a different PRL for it? I'm still at 55029. If none of the roaming is CDMA, I guess it wouldn't matter.
  3. I had been inquiring about this myself, and asked that they review my phone model for compatibility with Open World. That took place over the last two days, via Twitter DM's. About 10am this morning, I got a call from Sprint. They said that they resolved the issue, and offered to add it to my account. I was honestly surprised to hear back from them. Now that I look at my account, Open World is finally listed in my subscribed features. Looks like I'm ready for my next trip to Canada.
  4. I have a Galaxy 4 (Tri-Band) on Sprint. I also have Google Voice. I don't think I've heard an HD call yet. Without going into service screens, does the S4 have an indicator when an HD call is occurring? Also, what's the verdict on W-Fi calling? Is that running, or capable of running, in HD?
  5. That's the tower closest to my office, and yes, it's finally upgraded! Just ran a speed test, and got 14 down. 7 up. I can deal with that.
  6. For a fleeting moment this afternoon, I had a 4G signal at my office desk, located near 275 and Dale Mabry. I don't know where it was coming from, but that hasn't happened before. As soon as I moved my phone, it was gone. Sensorly was not active at the time.
  7. Yes, I've noticed my phone dropping in and out of 3G mode throughout the day. No LTE on the towers closest to my office yet.
  8. Congrats, and good luck up there. I spent most of last week in Jacksonville, and found LTE in several places along my journey. This included an active 4G tower, located directly across the street from my hotel room (near 95 and Baymeadows). Needless to say, my speeds were pretty good. It was actually more stable than the hotel WiFi, so I just tethered my notebook for most of the trip.
  9. Sensorly was working for the this afternoon, so I was able to make some tracks around the River Ridge site. They should appear on the map soon, if not already there. I didn't go down Ridge Rd, but I did go north on Moon Lake. The signal goes about halfway up Moon Lake, on the way to SR52. There still seems to be one more tower to upgrade, and that area will have nearly blanket coverage, with some sort of 4G signal.
  10. I've been having problems with Sensorly on my device lately. It won't always start mapping a trip (I hit start, and the timer never moves from zero). Last night was one of those times. Any other Motorola Photon Q users with the same problem? It seems to be coming from the tower near Ridge/Moon Lake/DeCubellis.
  11. Getting new 4G service in the River Ridge area of New Port Richey.
  12. While biking the Suncoast Trail over the weekend, I stumbled on a new 4G site, about five miles north of SR50. I didn't know about it, until I checked Sensorly later in the day. So, I didn't have a chance to see how far it covers.
  13. I have about a 35-mile commute between work and home. For the first time, Sensorly showed a nearly 50/50 split between 3G and 4G spots. It was actually 4G that won by a few points. Among the new towers, something along Lutz Lake Fern Rd. I carried strong 4G from Dale Mabry to the Suncoast Parkway. I used to lose 4G from the Van Dyke site, just as I turned off Dale Mabry. Past that, I carried a marginal 4G signal, to about a mile north of SR 54. There's still a small gap there for Sprint service of any kind, near the toll plaza. Seems they aren't on that tower, for some reason.
  14. I did have strong 4G when I passed through there this morning. I think that's the one, but someone should run Sensorly while driving east/west through that intersection. I only drove down Dale Mabry this morning.
  15. Is there anyone on this site (with more foresight than me), who took screenshots of Sensorly maps at various times over the past 4-6 months? It would be a great way to show the progression of LTE development in this market.
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