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  1. So after about what it's been a week. Not all towers in the area have three carriers but definitely a lot more mini macros and small cells are online. And as I was coming up to West Chester today in Port Chester, rye area they have three carriers online for band 41 as well. Got my first speed test above 200 ever up this way. Seems like they are definitely trending towards capacity. With Google fi, I switch over to Sprint network because T-Mobile is tragically slow.
  2. In addendum noticing more mini macros in the area are online. My main tower after other in the vicinity also received an update to 10*10 band 25 now as well. Gonna take a walk in hood to check it out .
  3. Kingsbridge, Riverdale plaza mall area. To add it's on multiple towers in the area not just mine. Saw it in the menu for signal check.
  4. So randomly in room, decided to run a speed test and got over 60 down at night on Friday thought it weird, ran speed test window open got 80 down, pretty nice as well. Went to check signal check and see a new carrier on the same PCI, 41148. 3 carrier in the bx in the west 200s... That's new! A week back I was actually able to access voice over LTE on my pixel 2XL but I lost that ability sometime over the past weekend. Using Googlefi at the moment. Not running directly over through Sprint.
  5. Not sure if it's true for the 7 and below iPhone devices. I am on Google fi with a Pixel 2 XL, I just force switch to the Sprint network just now. I'm in NY, rn in Westchester county market and before I would not have been able to make a voice over LTE call. Just called 611 and that worked ran speed test and everything speed test and everything. So there is that... Thanks for post otherwise I would not have checked. Pixel 2 xl was not a device supported for volte on Sprint before.
  6. When is Altice going to make there own announcement on network operation here. I'm sure most of the small cell work was coming from cooperative work between them and sprint. I haven't seen much work on my part of the BX myself. Still no 3 carriers this side of the hill or in upper Manhattan where I trek normally.
  7. If you're already done carrier update after the update and you've already reset the device after installation you might need to do a clean wipe possibly for the software to configure properly over the last build! If it's simply just doesn't fix itself. I didn't see any other reason why the modem wouldn't connect to LTE besides some software Gremlins popping up
  8. Are you coming from the beta or from the Oreo build? I've been on the beta since it was released and its second iteration and I don't have any LTE issues upgrading from the last beta version.
  9. So I'm up and Westchester now and they've also increase the carrier size to a 10 x 10 band 25 for my work location
  10. So that network wonkiness I noted the other day was them turning on Mini Marco site a lil further away. Was able to latch onto the signal for a bit this morning.
  11. West Bronx. Kingsbridge, Marble Hill area. Other towers got the 5ghz second carrier a while ago. The main tower I personally receive never did. So a happy surprise this morning to see the 10x10!
  12. It was just for a split second, as I noticed my network acting wonky last night. The main tower I connect to was upgraded to a 10x10 band 25 configuration, last night. it's not optimized to still as I have the problem connecting as it will drop to band 26 and stay there or band 41.
  13. You forget about the blue tint as it does exist but your eyes definitely adjust! If I am being honest I prefer the size of the OG pixel in regard to weight balance in hand. I also miss the heft of my 7 plus the2 XL is really hollow feeling. Go to Verizon for yourself, to see a model before you make a decision!
  14. So I just checked at I am usually on wifi in my home. But facing my macro tower this morning I got this https://imgur.com/8TUWIur, never pop close to 40 ever in the area. And uploads are consistently meh... Another link with higher upload but doesn't cross 8 up. speedtest https://imgur.com/gallery/bC8zM
  15. That's very generous. In less touristy areas I would say Sprint hasn't really paid much mind too. Parts of East Harlem. North west Bronx are lacking for sure. I frequent those area and always check to see if there is any progress being made and it's been stalled development for awhile. They changed the tilt of towers that use to receive band 41 signal and the best you can get in one place is overloaded 3g that particular area needs small cells badly if there isn't too be extended macro site deployment. I stopped reporting as there wasn't work being done. That was over a year ago sadly. It's a sport bar so fortunately they have wifi inside. That particular area is around 116th and first ave. If you ever go there check it for yourself.
  16. Not all towers have a second carrier still. I remember when it went live for some and never saw it go live for others as well. So it's probably based on network load for a particular area that got serviced and updated.
  17. I would like to see some more progress in the more residential areas of New York City boroughs. Seems things have kind of taken a slow progression. Haven't been able to report any new activity out this way.
  18. Just got the devices myself and there is noticably blue tint at angle, and it definitely does crush the black in low light setting after about 35% and less. Other than that. None of the grain, and burn as others have experienced yet. I want to wait and see if the screen production improves before I contemplate RMA. As none of the other issues with speaker or call quality over the network.
  19. I got mine replaced but it took being persistent. Maybe try another agent. As a side my 6p just got the latest ota September patch. So much prefer the 6p touch targets and such compared to the XL I just wish the Battey in the 6p was better...
  20. Yes I did I just received it this afternoon. Going to send the Nexus back on Monday. Using an extra line on my account right now to put into service for a little bit
  21. Getting mine replaced as well battery shutdown issue in mine! I am using my iPhone as my main but nice to have a good backup device
  22. So the public beta for iOS 11 is available now, and tested the handoff from wifi calling to lte. Does work, sounds good as well!
  23. transitwatch889

    HTC U11

    So is the sku of the HTC u11 the same for the Sprint/unlocked variants? Is it simply a firmware limit not hardware? I want the solar red for a line on my account. But unsure if it will be compatible with out flashing it first. Best case scenario.
  24. transitwatch889

    HTC U Ultra

    I was wondering about that myself thanks for the definitive no! The only color I like really is the red. That is not available. Another sore point. As nice as the phone looks it doesn't blend well with there sense UI interface! But love the tech, network capabilities. I'll wait to think about them when I have 3x ca readily available too me consistently.
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