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  1. I personally would use the Sprint SIM as long as you can. I tried switching over to the T-Mobile one. And I have issues with connecting to band 41 on my s20 ultra. That's simply could be personal to me but I would rather you not have the issue
  2. In the early AM when I 1st noticed I hit up to 600 down aggregated with lte on band 41 and 40 mhz of me, so pretty the limit of the backhual currently available so not really missing much till they update the feed to the site.
  3. As of today they have expanded to 40mhz of band 41 nr, up from the 20 prior, in upper Manhattan and the BX at least in my hood.
  4. Having stand alone access isn't what is cracked up to be when you lose lte to nr carrier aggregate. Switched my sim to R15 recently. Losing sprint in Subway travel blows. As T-Mobile takes longer to catch signal it seems.
  5. I will say that I am noticing that with the new deployment and my particular area. That n41 itself will drop off to band 41 LTE or band 12 LTE very quickly. The moment that you turn a corner it's releasing the signal and catching a new sector.
  6. So I don't know if they're doing some Network optimizations in my area because of the new tower builds but I keep dropping down to a single channel of either band 12 or band 41. And rolling off nr41 off to nr71 even though the signal is there. It's kind of annoying to constantly see the indicator jump in and out of frequencies. I feel like T-Mobile has too many bands and there's like no priority to which when you lock onto and then drop off to from there.
  7. Figured much. But thanks for the clarification 🙏🏽
  8. Mine isn't back but I'm on TNX. On my line. Couldn't even update the profile.
  9. Yeah I understood! But I don't think T-Mobile wants to do that because they pretty much told Sprint customers with their first generation 5G devices they were no good just to turn around and then say psych we got you LOL! So it's still just anchoring to b2/4/66
  10. No it drops off to just straight LTE single carrier!
  11. I am now connecting to 15 megahertz of T-Mobile band 41! In addition to the 20 MHz of NR 41. From what I can tell the Sprint site is still transmitting three carriers of two band 41, 20 wide channels and a 10 wide channel. For total 50 MHz there
  12. Are you still getting carrier aggregation with your s20? Because with my updates the s20 got carrier aggregation between Band 41 disabled..
  13. My main site at some point this week for T-Mobile got updated with an nr41 panel currently only broadcasting 20 MHz. I somehow missed it considering I haven't really been out this week at all been working on it. So I'm a little tight cuz I have a very much full window view of the building which is servicing me. From my current vantage point. I'm going to have to get on the street the building immediately adjacent to it, has a Sprint build and it looks like they removed a panel off of that one. But I'm going to have to get out the street level too confirm that.
  14. So I've been noticing in signal check that I've been connecting to T-Mobile band 41 signal and I finally was actually able to latch onto it proper. I was around Penn station on 34th and they definitely have a tower live that's transmitting LTE over band 41.
  15. So I've noticed in my roundabout travels that the 5 megahertz frequency on band 71 had been increased in certain areas to around the 10 . It just increased in my area as well. Is this due to that spectrum lease agreement I read about in the news from capital?
  16. It's jumping back to Sprint proper in moments in signal check then switching back to tmoible this just just started this last day. I have noted n41 is active on some sites in the area I can see the panels on towers that have been updated.
  17. On my s20 ultra I'm switching onto band 41 in my neighborhood. No CA though
  18. I've seen the antennas, and noticed network degradation when I pass through the area on my walks. I'll be on the lookout for the antennas more often though because I definitely seen some but just wasn't sure if they were live yet.
  19. It was CA with LTE anchor band. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/3HeBg2rlsOwN
  20. So randomly decided to check my engineering screen and I saw that I was connected to n41 tower on 215 and Inwood Manhattan 20 megahertz worth of bandwidth
  21. If I just use the Google keyboard instead of the Samsung keyboard with the Google Voice to text. It's better as it seems to be doing server and on device translation. While the Google voice-to-text solo application seems to only be trying to do server-side which is slowing down the speech recognition.
  22. I don't know how much everyone else voice types but this latest update has really destroyed voice recognition for me. It is defaulting to the Samsung voice recognition and if I do switch it over to googles it is unbearably slow now when it was super fast before.
  23. Using the Samsung been selected application. You go into the more network settings. Tap on the Sprint active Sim in the next menu. Tap the Advance menu. In the Wi-Fi calling preferences you tap and change it from over mobile network to Wi-Fi calling priority.
  24. If you have a Samsung S 20. You're pretty much using T-Mobile network as home native. 2019 5G devices they still have access to Sprint's 5G if it was still active in your respective market. Till they are shunted over as well. But that is market dependent.
  25. This update has some modem improvements from what I can tell. Latches onto signal faster than before. When switching between data wifi/lte/5g there is less hang between when a data sessions seems to be established.
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