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  1. You can't really test a network against one seeing how one isn't even launched. T-Mobile will be faster at moment but it hasn't been released here for Sprint
  2. Greenville tech 4g is still on and strong! I go past there every week day. Best thing to do is just map sensorly and check for locations. Also if your riding around town just got the "Map Trip" button and start the mapping and you will find random locations. It is all crowd sourced
  3. I will try to make it down to the LTE site off of 29 and see if I can map that out. Also I believe that there is a tower out new Greenville Memorial area and the baseball stadium. I rode down pendlton street and had some but believe that it goes toward the greenville high and away from dt
  4. Well I goto school at GTC and it's even on everyday I goto school so, I'm sure they might have been working on it and it's still active. Do you have an IPhone? My buddy has one and that's also the way we goto work and sometimes his iPhone won't pick it up and my s3 will
  5. Here's the 4g That I stated earlier. It's on the way toward Greenwood in the piedmont area. I'll be downtown this weekend for the bday so I'll map more of the 4g on the drive stadium side
  6. Downtown Greenville around the drive stadium has 4g don't know the main area but was the outskirt of god 4g
  7. What parts? Also there is 4g on west Georgia rd and Augusta rd, sensorly was acting up buy will map that when I get a chance
  8. I rode around more today, checking to see if anything new.... nope. Anyone over near cherrydale have any?
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