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  1. Hello digiblur...Would u mind to explain me step by step how to install this ROM? I am not as smart as u guys on these things...pls..Thanks
  2. ohh man..my cousin lives there and Seriously Sprint has to do something in that areas...service sucks there..big time...But if u check on sensorly LTE is getting closer to you..there is are live signals on the 57 and by san antonio college.
  3. thats from the ones on san fernando..if u botice its pretty weak..I work at portos bakery and inside I dont get any 4g as soon as I go outside I get.but barely reaching 1mbps down.
  4. yeah there is one tower live on san fernando and broadway and other on san fernando and chevy chase...we are still missing 7 towera to go live in gkendale.
  5. At this phase LA is not gonna hit 100% in years..inly 9 sites this week...Thats freaking slow.
  6. because I know where they are..i looked them on the Los Angeles network visuon site map...and i know its l8ve because when u get close to them....speeds jump up to almost 28 or 30mbps
  7. Finally two more live towers in the west Glendale area......Getting close to 30mbps down all around the area...I think is super cool that 3 sites are in line and kinda close to each other...super good coverage now....
  8. ohh my friend u have to get use to that....Here in Glendale today was funny....switching between LtE 1xrtt evdo ehprd and the restriction symbol...its been crazy today
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