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  1. When Marcelo first took over, he layed off a lot of positions but hired more CSR. Now is he laying them off as well?
  2. Sprint has already shown that when they densify their network, they come out on top. Their reliability is constantly improving and the only part that they are really behind is speed. And clearly speed will not be an issue on Sprint once B41 CA is in full swing. So why the crazy doom and gloom because sprint doesn't want to spend billions for most likely a 5x5 piece that they can't even use till about 2020? And then spend billions more to deploy it? I have a feeling with Sprint bowing out of the auction, FCC will look at lowering the reserve spectrum. And if Verizon bows out as well, the auction will probably not happen. Verizon is probably more interested in the AWS holdings of DISH than spending bucket loads of more money.
  3. The benefits of what Softbank is arranging for sprint is simply less interest paid. If Sprint tried to finance the phone leasing themselves, they will have to pay more than by having Softbank (and whoever they're working with) loan it to them. The collateral used are the monthly leasing payment + the value of the phones themselves and Softbank is co-signing so the loan is less risky. It's not some free money hand out to Sprint but every bit helps.
  4. Looks like CTO of Sprint is leaving in a hurry. http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/sprint-cto-stephen-bye-resigns-company-amid-new-network-densification-progr/2015-06-23
  5. I don't understand how Dish could be viewed as a good combination for T-Mobile. T-Mobile needs more spectrum to continue their growth trajectory for their own wireless business. Yes, Dish has spectrum, but their core business is stagnant and decaying - they need spectrum to take OTT to the next generation. Both companies need spectrum and only Dish has it. Dish also needs a host for their spectrum, which T-Mobile could provide but this unimportant. Can someone explain why Dish would want to combine with T-Mobile? The thing that makes the most sense for me is for Dish to have a carrier host their spectrum and at the same time, lease some 2.5ghz from Sprint. The latter part makes the whole thing more logical for Dish to work with Sprint to host their existing spectrum as well as the 2.5ghz.
  6. How much bandwidth you used is like the megapixel of the camera world, or the BMI of the weight world. The best way to measure where you stand is the % of a tower's capacity you use at any given time. That is, someone who is the only person connected to a tower (unlikely but illustrative) could blaze LTE all day and technically it's not harming the network since data (once it enters the wireline) is very very cheap. I would think network management focuses on this aspect but since this isn't transparent to the end user, bandwidth has become the way to measure a user but it's inaccurate.
  7. Seems like the general consensus is, "It doesn't make it cheaper for my usage pattern, therefore sucks." This is interesting because it's more about cross-carrier / wifi handoff experiment than anything else. The only reason why this is such a big news is because it's Google, if a no-name upstart was behind this, it would be a blip in the tech world and only relevant in the wireless world. Pretty much from a purely pricing POV, there are better options whether you are a heavy / light user of data / voice in any combination and I'm sure this was intentional. Google isn't going to make any profit from this experiment and pricing it too low would just get the carriers to not sign on.
  8. It's actually the reverse. If he had some big announcements coming, he can't just go and buy on the open market. It does mean he believes in the long term future of Sprint, which is great.
  9. In at $4.92. That's a major vote of confidence in the future of Sprint.
  10. I pay ~$50 / month for four lines on Ting. Yeah my family uses < 500 min and < 1GB a month. I like to think I'm on Sprint since I'm using it's network
  11. I'm confused as to why the stock price isn't going up. It's basically under performing the market, so while it's green - the news is overall hurting the stock rather than helping it.
  12. Why doesn't it make sense? 1) Convert user base to parent's network overtime 2) Refarm spectrum and merge it into parent's network 3) Keep brand to target different demographic
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