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  1. Great to see Sensorly here. I wanted to know if there is some way we can access nearby speed-test results by clicking on a spot on the map?
  2. I already posted in the Report your LTE thread in the general forum, but in case some of you didn't see it, I have solid LTE connection in Redwood City for the last two days. 27 mbps down and 10 mbps up.
  3. That might be my dots in San Carlos, near the border of San Carlos and Redwood City. Got a text message from Sprint saying they were doing network upgrades in San Carlos and just saw LTE light up last night around midnight. Although I think San Mateo County is considered part of Sprint's San Francisco market.
  4. There's a small blip on the Sensorly map now! I had it running during my morning commute, but it switched to 3G as soon as I walked to the other end of the house. I'm running CM10 Nightlies, and it doesn't seem to switch back and forth between EVDO/LTE very well.
  5. I just checked Sensorly, and the LTE coverage along Mines Ave is there.
  6. Great to hear about activity in the Bay Area... Starting this week, I've been seeing eHRPD all over the mid-peninsula area. Many towers have the "speed upgrade" completed and I've been able to pull almost 2.5 Mbps over eHRPD in Foster City and 1.5+ Mbps in many places. I've never seen speeds like this before on Sprint.
  7. Update! Yay! Hasn't even started!? Boo! My Galaxy S III came today and will replace my EVO 4G (Wimax), so I guess I'm going to be 3G only for the next six months...
  8. To whomever gets the 32GB-model: Can you post a screenshot of your storage screen? I want to prove/disprove that Android Central's review (http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-galaxy-s-iii-review) is incorrect about internal storage partitioning. 12GB partitions make absolutely no sense.
  9. What was your screen-on time?
  10. Not meaning to nit-pick, but just wanted to clarify for others. It's actually Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. As in a matrix of organic LEDs.
  11. The second-round markets are already getting updates and there is still no word on the SF market... It's not looking good...
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