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  1. Oh hello San Diego .... what do we have here...




    4x4 MIMO huh!

    Lets check with the S9+...



    Wonder if 3CA is affecting it... (checks pixel 3 CA vs S9+ no CA enabled)



    Hmm... i wonder what'll happen if I disable 4x4 B41 MIMO on the S9+...



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  2. 5 hours ago, marioc21 said:

    Bumping an old thread. 

    So is anyone else left on a Sprint Framily plan? I still have mine and I'm wondering if Sprint is looking to get me to move off of it.  Until this month I could still change services on my plan.  I.e. I could adjust my data tiers from 1gb/3gb/unlimited. Add/remove hulu, global roaming, etc.  Today I was trying to dig around my plan options and it I just got an error message telling me I can't change services and to go visit a retail shop for help. 

    I will have to try again tomorrow and see if I'm still blocked from changing services. 

    Mines been broken for months but yes it's changed to that. 

    Sprint chat support and retail stores can manually change options for you if requested but you cannot change anything yourself anymore. 

    (1st hand experience two days ago)

  3. 2 hours ago, ingenium said:

    But why not just use the T-Mobile PLMN? Unless this is how they decided to control which sites allow roaming? It still seems odd though, no other roaming partners do this to my knowledge. Unless that's the way T-Mobile implements roaming for some reason, by using a PLMN of the partner.

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    PLM-NIDS can be used to prioritize or have special eNB side configurations for connected devices.

    It's why Magic Box's  / LTE UE Relays have a specific PLMNID they connect to. 

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  4. Yes it's that site.

    Nexgen & I geolocated it earlier today with a little help of the drydock crane, marina, roof architecture, and  S4GRU sponsor maps. 

    If anyone want to visit that site with a rooted device running NSG it'd be very appreciated. 

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  5. Just now, mirskyc said:


    Any idea what the max speed is for 3xCA B41 with the current config and 256QAM and 2x2? and what it will be once they turn on 4x4? 

    i recall the max being around 330 mbps with 64QAM about 110 per a 20mhz carrier. 

    +33% on DL theoretically. 

  6. 3 hours ago, mirskyc said:

    I'll be there in a heart beat once someone locates it. the article also mentions that some of the MIMO equipment is live for commercial testing. 

    I just don't understand the hold up for 256QAM and 4x4 MIMO on current equipment. They demoed it in New Orleans over a year ago. 



    256 / 64 QAM is live in NYC market ALU 8T8R equipment. 

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  7. The thing many of you all seem to be missing is that previously any Sprint signal would immediately override any roaming partner signal. 

    I'm pretty sure many of you that experienced this also experienced in the past where a crappy Sprint CDMA 1x signal that's basically unusable would constantly kick you off a usable partner network. Sprint changing over to a setup where partner LTE networks would still be in use where Sprint still has a 1x/EVDO signal is in general a good thing for LTE on network time and for sanity checks as devices would not constantly hop between good roaming and terrible native connections .

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  8. 8 hours ago, S4GRU said:

    Yes, you're correct.  However, the Erie to Rochester swath only has 3MHz available for deployment.  Only 3 MHz.  So it can only be CDMA or LTE.  As the total width available is 3x3.  Not enough for LTE and CDMA together.  And there is still an outstanding exception for the Buffalo/Niagara region.  That still requires further coordination with ISED Canada.


    1.4 MHz LTE + 1.25 MHz CDMA 1x voice will work within a 3x3 block. Don't think any Sprint equipment are tested for a 1.4 MHz bandwidth though...

  9. 5 hours ago, ingenium said:

    Future proofing how? Massive MIMO are integrated units. Would they do physical split sectors for b41? I'm just not sure what the extra 8T8R could be used for.

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    16 port tribands are being used in many site deployments as Sprint has overstocked on them (kinda)  as 2.5 deployments transitions from LTE 8T8R 2.5 radios to M-MIMO units. In many Samsung Clear conversions they're using 16 port tribands as is with 1.9 RRH P4 and 800 C4s paired with a 2.5 M-MIMO antenna. The 2.5 portions of the triband antennas will be unused. Eventually they'll use the 8 port dual band antennas as they get through the inventory of 16 ports.