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  1. [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    34 minutes ago, stlman314 said:

    Are there any updates on when the next round of VoLTE will be pushed?

    Already has. I'm doing a October summary blog post soon but generally speaking refer to this

    You'll hear first from S4GRU when more news is available. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, burnout8488 said:

    Still no info on that screenshot with the WiFi option on a current gen Magic Box?? 

    Would love to confirm if the current MBs can use WiFi backhaul. This would make it a game changer for my in-laws in a service hole. I’ve been harboring their magic box since it’s unusable at their house. 

    Those are WIFI hotspot option. It's not the WiFi backhaul bridge option that you need a GEN 3 for. 

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  3. [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    1 hour ago, ceopwong said:

    No timeline given but they're working diligently on it. This is a total guess is soon. When I asked him about the S8 then it was about a month later the soft launch occurred. This it total speculation but I'm guessing the S8 was the biggest hurdle to jump over and now bringing on additional devices is a bit simpler maybe? This is pure speculation and guessing from my end. He had to help during his vacation time to get the initial VoLTE deployed so they're working hard. A lot of it is they're doing simultaneous things while deploying VoLTE so a lot of moving parts to coordinate. 

    S8 was selected as it was the test device with the largest concentration of users.

    S9 is newer and was not as widely adopted so it was on the backburner. 

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  4. [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    On 10/7/2018 at 4:14 PM, 1dante said:

    Does anyone know if the unlocked version of the S8+ works with VoLTE?


    32 minutes ago, ceopwong said:

    I heard from my contact that VoLTE will work with unlocked S8 so I'm assuming the S8+ is in the same boat but it will become "live" with the release Android Pie release and upgrade. No timeline given but at least something to nibble on in the meantime! 

    S8/8+ SE's (unlocked from Samsung) are capable. 

  5. [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    17 minutes ago, TimmyTwo2 said:

    How is VoLTE different than what I have under Calling Plus on my S9 Plus?


    QOS and other backend work though the most important is the QOS part.

    Calling Plus is just VOIP over Data and quality is hugely affected by the data connection whereas with VoLTE the connection is the highest priority which massively increases quality and reliability. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Skypr said:

    To be fair, I would say that PR has very very limited B41 coverage. In my experience visiting multiple cities and towns in the island, so far I have seen only 5 cities with B41 (I know there are a few more but there are not that many). Mayagüez (limited areas), Yauco, Ponce (limited areas), San Juan, Canovanas (limited areas). Is not like the entire island is blanketed in B41. By the way, it seems there is no B26 in PR or at least, I haven't seen it. Most of the time it's congested B25.

    A spectrum squatter owns the 800 MHz spectrum in PR / VI. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, JWMaloney said:

    I understand the benefits of higher-order MIMO and receive diversity (and I am aware Sprint is focusing on 4xRx diversity for 800 MHz). What I do not understand is how the setup in the linked permit would achieve that without a C2PC on the RRH and something to tie them together.

    From what I understand, this type of setup is achieved by doing a software config to virtually combine the radios so that it operates as if it's one unit.

    I don't recall coming across C2PCs for  low band radios ATT, TMO, and VZW use that does the same type of software configuration for 4x4 on their low band radio configs. I'm assuming it's because there isn't any alterations to transmit modes of the individual radio units (both units still are individually 2T2R) but I could be very wrong...

    Edit: Airspan casually mentions it for their equipment "AirHarmony-4000 is a 2T2R solution that enables a flexible deployment scenarios, but can achieve higher coverage and throughput by combing multiple eNodeBs enabling the support of 4T4R, 4T8R, and 8T8R" and they've deployed a few 4T4R setups Chicago... I assume it's similar to other vendors equipment. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, JWMaloney said:

    I don't see anything in the actual permits to hint at higher-order MIMO for 800 MHz. I do see mention of (and support for) a second 800 LTE carrier. Taking occupied bandwidth into consideration, Sprint should have enough spectrum in most markets to do two 3x3 LTE carriers + 1 CDMA carrier in 800 MHz (as opposed to one 5x5 LTE + 1 CDMA carrier). That makes a lot more sense to me than trying to get 4x4 MIMO into tablets.

    4 Rx diversity at eNBs yields moderate to substantial site coverage improvements. Likewise 4x2 at UE yields improvements for all devices regardless of 4x4 MIMO compatibility. 

    This is the same type of configuration tmobile, Verizon, and att uses for ever increasing amounts of their low band setups. 

    I view the documents  as equipment capability considerations.  Hardly any sprint market is going to use 5 or 6 or more  cdma carriers in the coming months and years and they list those capabilities in those documents. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, bigmachine said:

    I noticed this while driving, so I don't have a picture, but it looks like Sprint is also using a different antenna in LA Metro.  It wasn't the KMW antenna pictured here, but it had more beveled front edges and was mounted next to an existing NV 800/1900 panel.  Is there a scenario where a 12 port antenna + the existing NV antenna would be used instead of a single hexadecaport antenna?  (It had more ports than an 8T8R antenna, but it didn't look quite look like 16.)

    It's a 10 port 8T8R 2.5 + 2T2R 800 setup. I'm writing something on that soon as well. Probably posted sometime next week..

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  10. [PSA] Generation "3" Magic Box has arrived!

    6 hours ago, crazy_vag said:

    I finally got one, and it's gen3 with a screen.  I turned it on, but it got stuck around 80% during bootup.  I pressed "Power Off" from the onscreen menu to restart it, but without a power button, I can't turn it on. LOL!

    You power cycle it by unplugging the power cord. 

  11. Sprint enters the Relay race




    This individual has been finding quite a few in Los Angeles and posted numerous high quality pictures here: http://www.celltowerphotos.com/thumbnails.php?album=49. 


    Pictures of the relay antenna on the floor  are from FCC filings of the UE relay unit.


    AFAICT, Samsung has either not begun or is exclusively focusing on the midwest (i.e. Chicago) for its small cells (I have a good idea on where they're planning to locate them). Nokia has been going at it pretty hard in quite a few markets like the Northeast Region, Los Angeles, and Florida. 

  12. i assume that once CA is enabled for this 3rd carrier since CA has to be adjacent 2xCA devices will see CA between the 1st and 2nd carriers or the 2nd and 3rd carriers but not the 1st and 3rd carriers?


    That is correct. The aggregated carriers must be contiguous.


    I wonder if Sprint phones in 2017 for the engineering menus will be updated to state "Primary Serving Cell", "Secondary Serving Cell", and "Tertiary Serving Cell"


    Interestingly enough they're all just called SCC's. In the Galaxy S7 engineering menu it's listed as PCC and then SCC1. We assume the SCC2 will show up when 3 carrier aggregation software update is pushed to the eNB's and enabled. 


    Anyone have any idea if Clear Samsung equipmemt can broadcast the 3rd carrier while at the same time still do CA 2x?


    Not capable. Tops out at 2xCA.


    Only eNB equipment that can do 3xCA right now is the 8T8R equipment. 

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  13. I think AJ is saying after a certain point (I want to say all 2014 Sprint LTE phones and beyond) all contained FCC testing of 10 MHz bandwidths.  It wasn't a matter of the chipsets not capable of supporting 10 MHz bandwidths. 


    However those older 2012 and 2013 Sprint LTE phones (especially Samsung phones) will never get 10 MHz BW support.  Sprint is not going to pay money to recertify those older 2012/2013 LTE phones to support 10 MHz bandwidths.


    Either way hopefully those 2012/2013 LTE phones are phasing out so now anyone who upgrades will have a Spark enabled phone that supports 10 MHz bandwidths.




    Sprint / Phone Manufacturers filed C2PCs for every single LTE device dating back to the Galaxy Nexus to enable wider LTE channel bandwidths. 

  14. Sprint enters the Relay race

    Tim, got a question for you. I understand the concept of having a relay but if the relay doesn't have a very strong signal to the donor site, would it still have sufficient speeds?


    By the way, great article.


    That is one of the ? With relay setups. Speeds will vary depending on signal quality and the load on the donor lte signal.


    But in almost all cases really, relays aren't meant for speed. They're meant for coverage. Areas wheree b41 are OK to half decent outdoors but get zero b41 and congested 25/26 indoors.


    The thing to remember is relay sites are not considered their own unique cell sites. They broadcast the same exact lte carrier information as the donor site giving the relay site the bandwidth.


    If massive data speed increase is required then traditional backhaul and configuration of the eNB as a unique site with its own identifiable information is needed instead of a relay.

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