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  1. For all things magic box.
  2. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    The posted one is the GEN 1 OG (AU545) release model with the E-Ink display. Gen 2 is the same unit with a LCD display with ID AU544. There's also a hospitality version AU546 that has better aesthetics and water resistance. I wonder if they modified that unit you got with active cooling as all the MBs and radios these days are passively cooled using heatsinks. S1000 is an indoor LTE femto cell produced by commscope / airvana. Same LTE unit that's inside Airave 3's.
  3. If something so critical as R&S at a cell site is EOL'd then they're likely long replaced. Most recent Sprint sites that are documented use newer generation Cisco routers / switches.
  4. Hello everyone! It is the belief of myself and of the staff that it is time to reopen a new T-mobile LTE and Network discussion thread due to the implementation of "network prioritization" that tmobile is doing to its subscribers. As Sprint has similar language in its TOS, we believe that it is worthy of being discussed here as Sprint may do something similar on a site by site basis. This thread will be strictly for discussing T-mobiles LTE network and technologies and not about personalities, their followers, and etc etc which may be better suited for S4GRUs sister site for T-mobile T4GRU. As a result this thread will be heavily moderated to stay on topic but I view the S4GRU member base very favorably and trust that we won't have much problems here.
  5. 4 CA DL, 256/64 QAM, limited MIMO streams (~750 mbps max), No UL CA. Supports GSM 850 , 1900 WCDMA Bands 2/4/5 CDMA BC: 0 / 1 / 10 LTE Bands: 2 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 12 / 13 / 17 / 25 / 26 / 29 / 30 / 38 / 41 / 46 / 66 / 71 25+25 25+26 25+41 26+41 41+41 non contig 41 contig
  6. lilotimz

    [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesWednesday, October 2, 2018 - 9:00 PM PDT Starting right now, October 3,2018 12:01 AM EST, Samsung Galaxy S8, 8+, and S8 Active users can manually download the firmware to remove Calling Plus from their devices and bring forth the VoLTE Opt-In toggle. Oh yeah. VoLTE is live on the Sprint Network™ as part of the VoLTE Soft Launch in the select markets. The roll out to the soft launch markets will be gradual over the next weeks. So have at it you folks in the first soft launch markets that are going live! Here are the first 15 initial soft launch markets with more following in the next few weeks. Atlanta-Athens Chicago Dallas-Ft.Worth Houston Indianapolis Kansas Missouri New York City Oregon-West Washington Philadelphia Pittsburgh San Francisco Bay South Bay Southern Jersey Washington DC And if you're in a soft launch market... Source: /u/TheButlershrsmn Discuss Sprint VoLTE on on the forums.
  7. lilotimz

    Clear Site Triband Conversions

    Only Samsung Clearwire sites show up in SCP and those are capable of up to 4 LTE 2500 carriers. Many of them were upgraded with the 3rd B41 carriers in the past year.
  8. lilotimz

    Clear Site Triband Conversions

    The thing to look for in general is the 41/42/43 3rd carrier endings as Nokia Mini Macs don't support 3+ B41 carriers while Nokia and Ericsson macro 2.5 equipment can.
  9. Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesJanuary 26, 2018 - 5:30 AM PST [Edited: 1/28/18 to include additional information on Samsung 4 port 800 MHz radio] [Edited: 2/2/18 for photograph addition of an Ericsson setup] The Triband Hexadecaport. The newest development of Sprint's recent network expenditures. This is a new triband antenna configuration now being deployed by Sprint that is able to do 4T4R MIMO on both 800 MHz and 1900 MHz in addition to 8T8R MIMO over 2.5 GHz. All in one single antenna. Previously, Sprint typically utilized two different antennas with one from Network Vision days being a hexport dual band unit that supports 800 MHz and 1900 MHz. While 2.5 GHz was an additional antenna and radio unit added on later. Some sites utilized (and may continue to utilize) another triband antenna model. This older generation triband antenna is a decaport (10 port) triband unit that support 4T4R on both 1900 MHz and 2.5 GHz with 2T2R on 800 MHz. This meant that an 8T8R radio would have its capabilities decreased as a result of going from 8T8R to 4T4R. With the development and deployment of this new 16 port triband antenna, Sprint is now poised to offer 800 MHz 4 antenna transmit and receive diversity alongside 1900 MHz, while 2.5 GHz is able to fully utilize the capability of an 8T8R radio. This means that the full capability of Sprint's 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and LTE Plus (2.5 GHz) network can be utilized from a single triband antenna panel. Removing the limitations of the previous go-to triband antenna model. Because of these limitations, Sprint did not deploy the previous triband antenna panel in a wide scale. Now they are likely to deploy these more commonly. In fact, we are already seeing this occur in Washington State, Pittsburgh, and other places en masse. Above: Samsung 4T4R 800 MHz setup via two 800 MHz RRH-C2, 4T4R 1900 MHz RRH-P4 , & 8T8R 2.5 GHz RRH-V3 Photograph Source: Josh (ingenium) Currently, this type of setup has been found in Samsung vendor regions with two individual 2T2R 800 MHz RRUs to achieve 4T4R MIMO. Samsung and Sprint has a new 4 port 4T4R 800 MHz RRU that will be able to do the job of two existing 2T2R 800 MHz RRUs that will be deployed alongside this new type of antenna. This new Samsung 4 port low frequency radio is also available in Band 13 750 MHz for deployment in the Puerto Rico market due to the Sprint Open Mobile deal. Photograph Source: Chris92 Ericsson Setup Source: mdob07 This type of setup is yet to be seen in Ericsson or Nokia - Alcatel-Lucent territory. If you discover these in other vendor regions, be sure to post about it! ****If you're in Ericsson or Nokia / former Alcatel-lucent territory then replace the Samsung radios with the relevant Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent CDMA / LTE and Ericsson radios depending on region.***
  10. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    The update hasn't pushed yet. Basically the unit cannot establish a connection whatsoever back to Sprint over IPSEC. TLDR: Sprint™ speed
  11. Doesn't appear so but they do have two hybrid cables snaking up the tower. Second hybrid cable is usually used for 2.5 so keep an eye out in the near future for an 8T8R RRUS82 setup or AR6468.
  12. Octoport 8 port 4T4R 800 (2x RRUS11) + 4T4R 1.9 (RRUS32)
  13. lilotimz

    iPhone XS Thread

    Fix: ##Update# & Reboot.
  14. lilotimz

    iPhone XS Thread

    Known outage. They've been attempting to fix it. Fix TBD.
  15. lilotimz

    13,000 Students need a LTE EBS network

    You'll need to reach out and negotiate an agreement with a LTE eNodeB provider (aforementioned -- Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Airspan, etc) in order to create a LTE EPC, acquire licensed radio transmitters, and a deployment plan. Coverage is far superior to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz due to significantly higher TX power, antennas, modulation, and just difference in elevation on the transmitters. Still you'll likely need a wide deployment using multiple backhauled eNodeB sectors at least for capacity and coverage reasons. https://www.airspan.com/education/ https://networks.nokia.com/solutions/private-lte TBH reaching out to Sprint may be still your best option since they have the expertise and they're pretty much the biggest entity a lot of these vendors have agreements with.
  16. Iirc aren't like most of Fresno towers 15-20' wooden poles with all ground mounted radios? I'd think that would be the bigger issue plus any restrictions on much needed small cell infill coverage deployments.
  17. lilotimz

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    It's the ball antenna ATT / VZW ball uses for their COWs. @belusnecropolis linked it.
  18. Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesFriday, December 14, 2018 - 11:00 PM PDT Beginning today on the Sprint subreddit, individuals can begin submitting questions in this thread that will be forwarded to Ms. Schnellbacher to answer at his leisure in a few days time. Who is Mr. Jason Schnellbacher you may ask? So go forth and submit all your questions about Sprint Magic Box's, small cells, and other Sprint related stuff!
  19. lilotimz

    Sprint Backup Power

    It's 4-8 batteries in the BBU. 4 if OG NV config with 1.9 + 800 and +4 with 2.5 deployed. IIRC it's mostly rated for 8 hours when I was looking at NV documents a while back.
  20. lilotimz

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I would pop a nice email to magicbox[at]sprint[dot]com to inquire about your area.
  21. lilotimz

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    Usually it goes from the outermost points of the former IBEZ to the innermost areas nearest to the border. So you'll see it pop up all around LA / Irvine / OC and then spread towards SD as time goes on.
  22. Yep! Enjoy that 15+10 B25 network
  23. December / January time frame for many devices is what was going around last I heard.