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  1. Not sure if this has come up elsewhere, regarding the Moto X/M leak a few weeks ago (just move it if it has), but I can't seem to find any information on the SOC that is being reported. Only thing I seem to find is that it's Cat-6 compatible, but it doesn't appear that this chipset is used in any existing Sprint phones (or other US phone, seems only to be overseas) to get an idea of how well the radios work and what the connectivity would be like. https://gfxbench.com/device.jsp?benchmark=gfx40&os=Android&api=gl&D=Motorola+XT1663&testgroup=info Obviously, it would only
  2. That would actually explain why when my LTE signal is wonky, I can so easily switch to 3g for better connectivity.Alas... Sent from my XT1056 using Tapatalk
  3. MidCity getting some action... Need to start thinking about my next handset. Nexus 5 maybe? With some B41, Carrier Aggregation on the new chips, plus the potential to do a 10x10 LTE in 1900, speeds around here could finally be coming together. Now I just need a phone the size of my 2013 Moto X that can do it. Hmm...
  4. We shouldn't expect the WiMax signals in the CBD to be switched over sooner rather than later? I'd imagine they'd want the capacity for outdoor events on ASAP. I guess, do we even know where those antenna are located? I only know my Nexus S 4G picked up a good WiMax along Poydras and down Magazine all the way to about Felicity. Basically everywhere the Sensorly map showed. http://sensorly.com/map/WIMAX/US/USA/Sprint_Wimax/wimax_310sprint#q=New+Orleans%2C+LA+70115%2C+USA
  5. I've been out of touch for a couple of weeks. But I saw there were some new PRL's. I went and updated mine on the GNex. It went from 25012 to 25013, for what it's worth. State: idle SO: Channel: 350 Band Class: 1 Not sure if those are useful or not.
  6. I at least hope they're all Premium Sponsors...
  7. I was getting it clearly by the Superdome, 10 stories up. When I got to ground level, though, it was not picked up until I got to Poydras and Magazine. Then it was spotty all the way down Magazine, likely due to the trees.
  8. Oh hot damn! That's right by my house. And I can pick that up by the Superdome!?!? There was nothing up there less than 2 weeks ago. That was fast, and that's a powerful signal.
  9. If they're the ones at Soraparu and Orange, I feel like we'd have some celebration from the Best Bank, too. And so far, not a peep. That is a long way to go, from Riverbend to the Superdome. But yet, there is no dark purple anywhere in the middle of the city. Maybe Napoleon and Magnolia on the top of that Skin Institute building? I think it was listed as In Progress on the spreadsheet, but I don't know if that's from us, or from The Insider. But it's a 6 or 8 story building, with panels way at the top, so possibly the best one to cover such a wide area? Only problem is, that should make t
  10. USACE in the house? Sprint signal was always horrible for me in that area.
  11. I just saw some crazy 4G inside the building by City Hall. I just left the Napoleon/Camp area an hour ago and didn't see any 4G.
  12. At first glance, I thought this said, "to sit and rot like Baton Rouge..." Hahaha, I love our city rivalries!
  13. Not the first time that nomenclature has had a derogatory meaning... I KIDDDD!! I KIDDDD!!
  14. I had correspondence with the Sensorly app developer and sent him detailed descriptions and screen caps of the two scenarios I had. He said he'd look into it and get back to me. I'll update y'all when I hear anything. Can anyone else with a GNex duplicate my findings with stock Android (now, likely 4.2.1)?
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