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  1. https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/device/magic-box-support-center.html?INTCID=magicbox:20181712:learnmore#return-magicbox
  2. Sprint’s Coverage Map got an update yesterday: https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp
  3. Apple Releasing iOS 12.3.1 Today With Fixes for Messages and VoLTE Bugs https://www.macrumors.com/2019/05/24/apple-releasing-ios-12-3-1/ Carrier Bundle Version is still 36.3 after the update. [Settings > General > About]
  4. https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10520302189557/Redacted FCC Commitments Ex Parte (05.20.2019).pdf Check out Page 3 and Page 4 of Attachment 1: Verification and Enforcement New T-Mobile has to provide drive tests, network maps and certifications, among other things. If they fail to meet these commitments, they will voluntarily pay into a fund in lieu of other enforcement action.
  5. I’ve gotten so used to VoLTE on my iPhone XS that I can’t imagine not having it. I’m just stunned at the delays.
  6. This is getting ridiculous. What’s the reason for the hold up?
  7. That’s crazy it’s taking so long for VoLTE to launch on the S9/Note 9. So if the S9 was the Test device (and I think it had to be based on the test cycle) it was running on CDMA for voice.
  8. True. I’m curious what Test devices were used. Does the S9 support VoLTE at this point? (I know the S8 and S10 do.) If an S9 was used, it speaks to the state of Sprint’s CDMA Network during testing. Otherwise if an S10 (or iPhone XS/Max) was used with VoLTE enabled, you’re spot on about VoLTE being launched. Otherwise, it was pulling the same CDMA.
  9. Is Sprint planning to use 5G for both download and upload? I seem to recall reading somewhere that Verizon is using 5G for download but LTE for upload.
  10. So what’s the point of a “merger deadline”? Does it actually mean anything?
  11. If the merger isn’t consummated by the 7/29/2019 deadline, would T-Mobile be on the hook for the $600 Million Breakup Fee?: https://www.axios.com/t-mobile-could-owe-sprint-600-million-if-it-walks-away-647826e9-afc9-41e4-86bb-7d8dd8fafb5f.html
  12. Perhaps he’s looking at the calendar as the Merger deadline for Sprint/T-Mobile is July 29, 2019: https://www.engadget.com/2019/04/29/t-mobile-sprint-merger-deadline-delay/ Would they keep pushing this back?
  13. Wow! 😮 Two thoughts: Masa: Your move. Michele: Looks like you’re sticking around as CEO.
  14. I’m on VoLTE and it’s been fine overall. A couple of call drops and one failed call which said “Call Failure”. I think Sprint stayed where it was and the other carriers improved respectively.
  15. Ok. That’s true. But what explains the substantial drop off in Call Performance?
  16. I’m really curious what the voice performance drop off was from, because that’s ridiculous. What test device did they use? Was VoLTE enabled on it?
  17. I believe so, but isn’t that the case everywhere except for areas where Band 26 is 3x3 instead?
  18. Lack of lowband in DC? I don’t think Sprint got worse necessarily. I think the other carriers could just be outpacing it. @Trip @grapkoski
  19. When is the Magic Box supposed to get updated to support VOLTE?
  20. Yup. I enabled it under settings. Hopefully VoLTE follows soon, but with the merger pending, I just hope things keep momentum for service features and investment.
  21. According to Legere’s Post and Pai’s Statement, here are the concessions Sprint/T-Mobile agreed to: - Assurance of 97% U.S. population coverage within three years of the merger’s close, including of 85% of rural Americans. - Assurance of 99% U.S. population coverage within six years of the merger’s close, including of 90% of rural Americans. - Assurance that 90% of Americans will have mobile broadband access at 100Mbps or more, with 99% being able to access speeds of 50Mbps or more. - Assurance that at least two-thirds of rural Americans will have access to high-speed, mid-band 5G. - Assurance of divestiture of Boost Mobile to retain competitiveness in the prepaid wireless segment. - Billions of dollars in penalties to the FCC if the merged “New T-Mobile” fails to follow through on these commitments. We’ve all seen what a deterrent these penalties have been on Google and Facebook. They simply see it as UPS/Fedex sees parking tickets: just the cost of doing business. I don’t have much faith.
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